Is Viktor Hovland married and is Kristin Sorsdal his wife or girlfriend

Is Viktor Hovland married and is Kristin Sorsdal his wife or girlfriend

A number of conflicts are surrounding the relationship of Viktor Hovland with Kristin Sorsdal, know if she is his wife or girlfriend

As Viktor Hovland competes in the thrilling 2023 PGA Championship alongside Brooks Koepka and Scottie Scheffler, confusion has arisen regarding his romantic relationship. Online reports have presented conflicting information, with some claiming that Hovland’s partner is Kristin Sorsdal. In order to provide clarity amidst the rumors, let’s have a look into the matter.

Is golfer Viktor Hovland married and is Kristin Sorsdal his wife or girlfriend

Relationship status of Viktor Hovland

Viktor Hovland, a remarkable golf prodigy at the age of 25, has made significant strides in his career. His achievements include winning the 2018 U.S. Amateur title and becoming the first Norwegian to triumph on both the PGA and European Tour. Raised as an only child by his parents Galina and Harald Hovland, Viktor further refined his golfing skills during his time at Oklahoma State University before transitioning to professional play.

As Viktor Hovland continues to chase his first major victory at the PGA Championship, viewers have taken an interest in his personal life, specifically in regards to his wife or girlfriend. Unfortunately, conflicting online reports have led to significant confusion surrounding this matter, with several outlets claiming that Kristin Sorsdal holds that position in Hovland’s life.


Sorsdal’s Instagram profile showcases a variety of captivating travel destinations, unique cultural experiences, and delectable cuisine from around the world. They further mention her keen interest in fashion and beauty, frequently sharing her favorite outfits, beauty products, and skincare routines with her followers.


However, due to the conflicting nature of these reports, it remains uncertain whether Kristin Sorsdal is Hovland’s wife or girlfriend. Further investigation and clarification are needed to determine the truth behind this relationship.

Claims debunked

Upon closer examination, the claims surrounding Kristin Sorsdal as the wife or girlfriend of Viktor Hovland appear to be baseless and lacking evidence. It seems that the false assertions regarding Hovland’s marital or relationship status have caused confusion.


In fact, Hovland was notably one of the two players, along with Matt Fitzpatrick, who did not have a wife or girlfriend during the 2021 Ryder Cup. Their presence alongside the wives and girlfriends of Team Europe during the gala dinner garnered attention and resulted in viral photos.

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