Is Twitch streamer Sketch gay and does he have a boyfriend or girlfriend as his OF video and photos go viral

Is Twitch streamer Sketch gay and does he have a boyfriend or girlfriend as his OF video and photos go viral

Know if Twitch streamer Sketch has a girlfriend or boyfriend

Earlier we discussed about the viral controversy of Twitch streamer Sketch, aka Kylie Cox, who is making waves across social media platforms especially on X/Twitter, Reddit and TikTok following spread of his personal videos and images.

Not aware of the situation, worry not, here’s the brief.

Social media platforms are currently flooded with the images and videos of Kylie Cox aka Sketch. Following the viral content, allegations surfaced stating that the online personality previously engaged in activities on his gay OF account.

Many fellow Twitch streamers and esports professionals, including Tfue and FaZe Rug, supported Sketch and his supposed gay identity.

Is Twitch streamer Sketch gay and does he have a boyfriend or girlfriend as his OF video and photos go viral on Twitter/X and Reddit

Amidst the viral claims and allegations, the 25-year-old Twitch star came forward to address the issue as he talked about his s*xuality following the spread of the content resembling him on the internet.

What Did Kylie Cox aka Sketch Say?

To clarify the situation, Sketch went live on Twitch earlier, confirming that he participated in such acts a couple of years ago as he explained that he has since changed.


During his live, Sketch can be heard saying, “That was me. That was me, it’s okay.”
Furthermore he confirmed his past s*xual relation with a man in the viral video as he expressed gratitude to his fans and friends for their support.

“So, 2 years ago I did not have s*xual relations with that man. I am just kidding, I did, possibly.

“Cats out of the bag. It’s okay, um, what else do I have to say? Thank you for all of my people that have been sticking up for me. I understand if you are mad,” Sketch said while addressing the controversial video.


About Kylie Cox aka Sketch

With over a million followers on Twitch, Sketch is one of the most popular streamers on the platform and has made a notable impact in the sports community, particularly the NFL. While he had earlier had gay relations, he is now believed to be straight and into women. However, he is single and unmarried and doesn’t have a boyfriend or girlfriend.

His catchphrase “What’s up brother?” has gone viral, not only on social media but also among ESPN presenters.

Addressing the ongoing discussions about the allegations, Sketch mentioned that he is currently avoiding social media platforms like X/Twitter as he revealed he hasn’t deleted the app.


Rather he is “cautiously avoiding it. It’s like f*cking landmines everywhere I go.”

Speaking about his past OF content, Sketch revealed that he was dealing with multiple addictions at the time.

Meanwhile, fans are praising Sketch for addressing the allegations promptly, and the overall response has been mostly positive.

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