Is TikTok influencer Sarah Joy Nelson faking being Amish as her controversy drama blows up

Is TikTok influencer Sarah Joy Nelson faking being Amish as her controversy drama blows up

Know the background of Sarah Joy, who suddenly decided to deactivate her TikTok account after being accused of faking of being Amish

Sarah Joy gained fame by sharing the challenges and lifestyle of someone belonging to a “plain” community, like the Amish, Mennonite, or Conservative Quaker groups, who reject modern dress, makeup, and certain technologies due to religious beliefs. Initially, people sympathized with her struggles and formed a supportive online community around her. However, everything changed when she posted a now-deleted video announcing her departure from TikTok.

Who is TikTok influencer Sarah Joy as the Amish content creator deactivates TikTok account

TikTok introduces users to diverse individuals from various backgrounds, offering an educational and enriching experience. It allows people to share their lives, engage in dialogue, and learn from each other. One such TikTok creator is Sarah Joy, who gained popularity by revealing the challenges of living in a community that adheres to plain lifestyles, such as the Amish or Mennonites.

Sarah Joy Nelson, the Amish imposter of TikTok, issued a statement claiming she is not lying about being Amish because she converted’ in 2018 but there is an internet trail of her being English until November 2023  which is around the time she started her Amish TikTok account.


Why Sarah Joy deactivated her TikTok account?

Fans are abuzz with speculation regarding Sarah’s abrupt departure from the app. Some suggest that she might have encountered backlash from her community due to her social media usage. Worries about her safety and welfare have also surfaced. Additionally, certain individuals have initiated inquiries into her background, asserting that she does not genuinely belong to a rural community and accusing her of fabricating her lifestyle to garner attention.

Her claim of not wearing makeup or English clothes since her conversion are untrue and as recently as 2023 she is seen on her father’s church’s Facebook page in English clothing, makeup, and hair. She had earlier being faked being Jewish as well.


Why Sarah Joy is dangerous.
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They have circulated purported evidence in the form of photos and videos to support their assertions, even going so far as to claim that her family attends a church where her father serves as a pastor. TikToker and comedian Heather Shaw mentioned that Sarah Joy followed her after leaving the app, sparking further confusion. In response to accusations of fakery, Sarah Joy returned briefly to address the rumors, stating that she chose to join the plain community later in life.


Despite her attempts to clarify, Sarah Joy has deactivated her account due to the ongoing controversy. However, speculation continues about the truth behind her claims and her current whereabouts. Unfortunately, without Sarah Joy’s presence online, definitive answers may remain elusive, especially considering the skepticism prevalent on the internet.


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