Is the video of LeBron James grooving to ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ song real or fake

Is the video of LeBron James grooving to ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ song real or fake

LeBron James was caught in a video grooving to a song that social media users believed to be ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’

A video showing NBA legend LeBron James grooving to Oliver Anthony’s ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ set the internet ablaze.

The ensuing frenzy that led to the song topping Apple Music’s Top 100 USA chart drew attention from major publications and social media users alike. However, as the dust settled, it became clear that the video was not what it seemed.

Is the video of LeBron James grooving to ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ song real or fake as it goes viral on Twitter

On August 15 2023, a video emerged on X showing NBA star LeBron James seemingly enjoying the music of Oliver Anthony. The clip coincided with the song’s ascent to the top of the Apple Music chart. This convergence created an intriguing narrative that caught the attention of many.

The video was genuine but the song was misidentified. He was enjoying The Jacksons’ ‘This Place Hotel.’


Public reaction

The video’s viral spread didn’t go unnoticed by media outlets with Forbes, Rolling Stone, and The Washington Post delving into the song’s sudden popularity.

Social media platforms were abuzz, and netizens couldn’t resist sharing their thoughts. Some playfully imagined James as a long-time fan of Oliver Anthony while others suspected a bit of mockery in his choice of music.


Debunking the misconception

As the excitement grew, the truth eventually emerged. The video wasn’t a hoax but the song association was incorrect. James’ appreciation for ‘Rich Men North of Richmond’ was a product of misinformation. His enjoyment of The Jacksons’ classic was a reminder that even in the age of instant information, misconceptions can spread rapidly.

LeBron James is an icon in the NBA. He has solidified his place in history with multiple championships. He notably shattered Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s all-time leading scorer record in 2023. James has been a prominent figure in various cultural conversations.

This incident showcased his inadvertent influence on pop culture trends, even when the details are misconstrued.


The tale of LeBron James’ supposed affinity for ‘Rich Men North of Richmond highlights the power of social media in shaping perceptions and trends.

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