Is the photo of Elon Musk kissing a humanoid robot wife real or fake as it goes viral

Is the photo of Elon Musk kissing a humanoid robot wife real or fake as it goes viral

Elon Musk kissing female humanoid robot pictures have left internet users in shock

After Elon Musk displayed the skills of Tesla bots in his latest meeting with shareholders, numerous photos depicting him kissing a female version of humanoid robots, calling them “wives”, has taken over the whole social media.

Is the photo of Elon Musk kissing a female humanoid robot wife real or fake as it goes viral

As per reports, the Twitter boss’ automotive company may begin producing the bots following in the launch of awaited Cybertruck, which was rumored to be canceled last year.

Numerous naive Internet users are believing that AI-generated photographs of Elon Musk and the female robots are authentic and we won’t be blaming them considering how real they are actually looking!

Meanwhile, other people seem scarred for life by the sight of it.


Did Elon Musk kiss a female humanoid?

No, Elon Musk was not kissing the female version of a humanoid robot. The images went viral of Elon Musk planting a kiss on a humanoid female robot. It has been already realized that they are AI-generated.

Since the update on Tesla bots was revealed, the pictures of Musk with different female-looking robots are making the rounds on social media handles.


However, bots in AI images do not resemble real Tesla bots, which in reality are very slow and they don’t carry any facial features as of now.

Accompanying all these Al-generated photos, are rumors that claim: Elon Musk is building a “wife robot”, having a lot of misinformation about hypothetical functionality.

Reactions of Twitter users

All the social media users have been scarred by the photographs. People can’t unsee AI photos of Elon Musk with the different female humanoids. Some have even imagined movies based on the same.


“This is so much accurate AF but wish I hadn’t seen it.” a user tweeted

Enhanced features of Tesla bots

The latest footage of bots shared by the owner of Tesla shows them walking slowly in front of Cybertruck. The robots do menial tasks like picking up items and reorganizing them. The Tesla bots got first revealed on AI Day in 2022.

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