Is the Instagram settlement claim form real

Is the Instagram settlement claim form real

Instagram was sued in a state court in Redwood City, California. Know about the Instagram settlement claim form and if there is even one currently

The lawsuit claimed that Instagram had collected, stored, and profited from the biometric data of more than 100 million users without their knowledge. This is a violation of Illinois’ Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA). Netizens are curious to know about the Instagram settlement claim form, we have shared details about it below.

However, a spokesperson for Facebook, which owns Instagram, denied these allegations at the time, stating that the lawsuit was baseless and that Instagram does not use face recognition technology.

Is the Instagram settlement claim form real or fake

Recently, there has been confusion stemming from an update on ClassAction.Org, a website that provides information about ongoing legal actions. The update is about a legal action started by a group of attorneys who were representing Instagram users in Illinois.

They filed a mass arbitration claim based on the Biometric Information Privacy Act (BIPA). However, it has been reported that the attorneys involved in the Instagram lawsuit have abandoned the investigation, and the information displayed on the ClassAction.Org website is provided for reference purposes only.


It is important to note that Instagram has not reached any settlement as of the current date of April 25, 2023.

Instagram settlement claim form misinterpretation

Some Instagram users have mistakenly interpreted the update on ClassAction.Org as a settlement to receive a claim form or have already signed up for a share of the alleged settlement. However, it appears that no claim form exists, and there has been no official announcement or confirmation of a settlement by Instagram.

Some users have expressed frustration and confusion, claiming that they were told by attorneys involved in the initial investigation that the payout was supposed to be paid in November or December, and are seeking updates on the status of the alleged settlement.


It is important to approach news and information with caution and verify the accuracy of claims before jumping to conclusions. In this case, it appears that there may have been misinterpretation and confusion surrounding the alleged Instagram settlement.

It is also worth noting that settlements in legal cases can take time to be finalized, and any payouts would likely be subject to court approval and resolution of any appeals.


Privacy violations and data breaches are serious concerns in the digital age, and it is important for users to be aware of their rights and take appropriate measures to protect their personal information. It is advisable to review and understand the privacy policies and terms of service of any online platform or app that you use, and to seek legal advice if you believe your rights have been violated.

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