Is The Giant of Kandahar of 1923 real or fake as pictures go viral on Twitter

Is The Giant of Kandahar of 1923 real or fake as pictures go viral on Twitter

The unrealistic photo of the Giant of Kandahar of 1923 has been shared widely, however, it’s not a real photo

Social media has become a potent instrument for communication, information sharing, and social engagement in the age of digital connectivity and information sharing. However, with the rapid growth of social media platforms, there has been an alarming increase in sensational content.

Is The Giant of Kandahar of 1923 real or fake as pictures go viral on Twitter and Reddit

Similar to this, a recent internet craze that divided and interested many was an image of a huge humanoid figure known as the “Giant of Kandahar.”

The picture went viral in September 2023 after first appearing on Facebook thanks to the “Marvelous Tajz” page, which claimed that the picture was taken in 1923. The caption accompanying the viral photograph read,

“The giant of Kandahar, photographed Afghanistan 1923.”


Within no time, the image had created a sensation on social media, with many people reacting to it. Some were skeptical of it, speculating that it might be an artificial intelligence (AI) creation similar to creatures from the Game of Thrones series. Nonetheless, on the other side, several people accepted the claims as facts and shared their opinions in the Facebook post’s comments section.

Due to this, the uncertainty around the authenticity of the photo has increased. So, here’s the reality behind it:


The reality behind the viral photo of the Giant of Kandahar of 1923

In this black-and-white photograph, a huge humanoid with six fingers and a towering height of 15 feet stands above several human figures.

Nevertheless, a fact check done by “allsoccer” quickly disproved the image’s authenticity and revealed that it was a photoshopped hoax. Moreover, “cryptid wiki” has also labeled the Giant of Kandahar as a fake, claiming that the widely shared photograph is the result of digital manipulation.

Interestingly, this is not the first time that the enormous humanoid legend has piqued the public’s interest. The legend of the enormous humanoid captivated the public’s attention in the 2000s. According to that story, American soldiers in Afghanistan were believed to have encountered this enormous beast before it vanished without a trace.


The Giant of Kandahar is said to have appeared during later expeditions that were sent to find the lost soldiers. According to the legend, American forces confronted the giant in combat and won. However, it’s important to underline that the U.S. military never verified the authenticity of this allegation and that there is no substantial evidence to support it.

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