Is The BGMI 2.4 Update APK Download Link Real Or Fake And Is There A Release Date In India

Is The BGMI 2.4 Update APK Download Link Real Or Fake And Is There A Release Date In India

The Indian version of PUBG Mobile, known as Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), is still up and running as of this writing, know about the 2.4 update, its download link and release date

Updates 2.2 and 2.3 for PUBG Mobile were released in September and November, respectively, as planned. The final edition of PUBG Mobile is scheduled to be released in the middle of January 2023, but fans have already gotten their hands on the 2.4 beta update a few weeks ago.

Know Is The BGMI 2.4 Update APK Download Link Real Or Fake And Is There A Release Date In India

Fans have been noticing download links for the BGMI 2.4 upgrade in the wake of PUBG Mobile’s 2.4 beta update. Therefore, the paper analyses the trustworthiness and veracity of such connections.

Download Links For BGMI 2.4 Are Bogus Because Krafton Has Made No Such Public Announcement.

Since MeitY disabled the game on July 28, 2022, BGMI has not been available on the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store. With neither the Play Store nor the App Store having authenticated Krafton, there have been no recent game updates. Furthermore, no new updates have been provided by the developers since the game was banned.

Interestingly, as soon as PUBG Mobile got its patch patches, a slew of websites started advertising comparable download links for Battlegrounds Mobile India. None of the APK download URLs worked because they were all fake. Therefore, you should not use the 2.4 update download links for Battlegrounds Mobile India.

PUBG Mobile, the global version of Battlegrounds Mobile India, has not gotten the long-awaited 2.4 patch update, nor has Krafton made any official word about its delay. This is just another red flag for Indian players regarding the legitimacy of sites offering BGMI 2.4 APK download links.


Why Should You Not Use Download Links Provided By A Third Party?

When the 2.4 update for Battlegrounds Mobile India finally arrives, players should only download it from the game’s official developer. You should avoid clicking on unofficial APK links because you can’t be sure of their reliability.

BGMI India’s APK file is often bundled with malware, bloatware, and other potentially unwanted software when downloaded from sketchy third-party sites. Therefore, it is possible to compromise one’s data security by installing updates from such questionable sources.

The risk of in-game bans exists even if players’ devices are not directly harmed by dangerous content on unlicensed websites. Downloading the game’s APK client from any unofficial source would result in permanent account suspensions. As stated by Krafton on its official support website.


The publishers have further urged users by explicitly mentioning,

“Pease download Battleground Mobile India from official store to play the game. Unofficial/Cracked game clients are not supported and will lead to your account being banned.”

For this reason, it is best to wait for official confirmation from Krafton before installing any updates.


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