Is Suhana Yana Mirchandani the real name of Yana Mir and what is her religion as her speech video goes viral

Is Suhana Yana Mirchandani the real name of Yana Mir and what is her religion as her speech video goes viral

Kashmiri activist Yana Mir said, ‘I am not Malala, I am safe in my country’ and this speech went viral with many claiming her real name was Suhana Yana Mirchandani

Yana Mir, a Kashmiri activist and journalist, recently delivered a powerful speech at the UK Parliament and garnered widespread attention on social media. During her speech, she firmly declared, “I am not Malala Yusufzai because I am living freely and safely in my homeland of Kashmir, which is an integral part of India.”

This declaration drew a sharp contrast between her situation and that of Malala, highlighting her sense of security and freedom in India.

Is Suhana Yana Mirchandani the real name of Kashmiri activist Yana Mir and what is her religion as her speech video goes viral

Journalist Yana Mir criticized the international community for tarnishing India’s image regarding Jammu and Kashmir. Mir’s speech also took aim at the international community, accusing them of defaming India over the situation in Jammu and Kashmir.


She criticized “toolkit members on social media and from foreign media” for fabricating stories of oppression in Indian Kashmir without firsthand knowledge or visits to the region. Mir urged for an end to the polarization of Indians on religious grounds and expressed her determination to resist external efforts to divide the country.

Following the viral spread of her speech, social media users began questioning Yana Mir’s identity, with some claiming that her actual name is Yana Mirchandani and that she is not a Kashmiri Muslim with reports also claiming that she was a Kashmiri Hindu who married a Muslim man. However, these claims have not been officially confirmed, and Mir continues to be known by her original name in public discourse.


Threats and support for Yana Mir

In response to her speech, Yana Mir reportedly received threats, indicating the volatile nature of the issue she addressed. Sajid Yousuf Shah, BJP media in-charge for Kashmir, tweeted in support of Mir, noting the backlash she faced from Pakistani propaganda machinery and the “Toolkit gang.” Despite the threats, Mir remains steadfast in her advocacy for peace and understanding in Kashmir.


According to her social media profiles, Yana Mir is a Kashmiri activist, political analyst, TedX speaker, and journalist. Her viral speech has brought her into the spotlight, highlighting her commitment to raising awareness about the situation in Kashmir and defending India against what she perceives as unjust criticism from abroad.

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