Is rapper Bloodhound Lil Jeff dead or alive as shooting video goes viral

Is rapper Bloodhound Lil Jeff dead or alive as shooting video goes viral

Bloodhound Lil Jeff is said to be dead after his shooting video went viral

The music community of Chicago is in mourning after unconfirmed reports started swirling around claiming that underground artist Bloodhound Lil Jeff was fatally shot on Saturday afternoon.

For the unfamiliar, the tributes started pouring in as the news spread across social media platforms of the alleged shooting, which reportedly involved a man being shot multiple times.

Is Bloodhound Lil Jeff dead or alive as shooting video goes viral

Fellow artists, rappers, musicians and prominent journalists have been sharing messages in memory of the Drill rapper, who is reportedly been killed in broad daylight.

What Did the Report Reveal?

According to media reports, the initial reports of the shooting indicate it occurred in the 6600 block of S. Rhodes Avenue in Chicago, Illinois.

Real-time scanner information relayed to the outlet suggested that the victim shot between 12 to 15 times, was indeed Bloodhound Lil Jeff.

However, the police have yet to officially confirm the identity of the deceased. National Press White House correspondent Kyle Mazza reported on X/Twitter that “the victim was transported to the hospital where he was pronounced dead.


“There are no suspects in custody. A large number of bullet casings were located at the crime scene.”

What Did the Video Show?

A video circulating on social media claims to show the 21-year-old rapper being fatally shot in the chest, alongside images of a crashed Hyundai Santa Fe and approximately 45 bullet casings at the scene.

These claims and the video have yet to be independently verified. Members of the rapper’s community have been paying their respects on social media.


Tributes Poured In 

Ðâ Tweąkëř, whose Instagram handle is _lilscom89, posted several stories in the past 24 hours, expressing his grief: “I love you, I’m going to be with you very soon,” he wrote. “Damn bro, this shit doesn’t feel real.”

Another artist, amf.visuals, took to social media and shared a story with an image of Bloodhound Lil Jeff and a heartbreak emoji. For the unversed, earlier this year, AMF Visuals and Lil Jeff collaborated on a music video titled ‘Ahhh.’


Screenshots of these posts by the Chicago-based artists and musicians are being shared by the fans as they are paying their tributes to the rapper.

Meanwhile, reports indicate that the shooting may be related to gang violence. However, as of now the motive behind the shooting remains unknown.

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