Is Memphis player Jamirah Shutes arrested after video of her punching Elissa Brett went viral

Is Memphis player Jamirah Shutes arrested after video of her punching Elissa Brett went viral

When Jamirah Shutes attacked an opponent after the game, it caused controversy during the Women’s NCAA tournament, know if she is arrested

Unpleasant scenes at Women’s NCAA tournament.

The event happened following a match between Bowling Green State University and the University of Memphis. When the teams gathered to shake hands after the game, they did so in a line. Elissa Brett was punched in the face by the Memphis Tigers’ Jamirah Shutes. The fact that the incident took place outside of the game called for an immediate response.

The daughter of James and Patricia Shutes, Jamirah is a fifth-year student at Memphis who is 23 years old. She is the institution’s all-time best scorer and a talented basketball player who is now rated 13th. Her aspiration of becoming a professional basketball player is unfortunately unlikely.

Is Memphis player Jamirah Shutes arrested after video of her punching Elissa Brett in the face went viral


Tough life ahead for Jamirah

Violence in sports carries major repercussions, and Jamirah will live with this for the rest of her life. Following his disgusting actions, some fans have resorted to Twitter to demand that she be kicked off the squad. One supporter suggested, “Get her off the team and charge her.”

After the defeat, Jamirah is said to have been enraged and argued with the victim verbally before hitting her. Jamirah might be in a lot of trouble considering the event took place right at the head of the match table. The other Bowling Green players maintained their composure and acted professionally, refraining from taking any further pointless acts.

Jamirah is expected to be charged with assault.

Elissa Brett allegedly had an eye swelling as a result of Jamirah’s sucker punch. Thankfully, it’s nothing serious, and it will quickly bounce back from the blow. But, Bowling Green issued a statement in which they made it apparent that they intended to charge Jamirah. Police will be involved in this occurrence, and they may make an arrest. Jamira is not currently in custody, while the inquiry is still ongoing.


Following Jamirah’s unnecessary actions during the game, assault charges were brought against her in a criminal court. Had the incident occurred while the game was being played, this would have been a whole different situation. All young and aspiring athletes will be strongly advised to stay away from violence both on the pitch and off. Jamirah will eventually have to deal with harsh repercussions and might even be arrested.