Is Jackson Mahomes married and does he have a wife or girlfriend

Is Jackson Mahomes married and does he have a wife or girlfriend

For all the wrong reasons, Jackson Mahomes has been making headlines, know if he has a wife or girlfriend

Patrick Mahomes’ younger brother was detained on Wednesday in connection with an alleged incident that happened in a Kansas City restaurant in February.

Jackson has been detained for s*xual assault.

Is Jackson Mahomes married and does he have a wife or girlfriend or is he g*y

Jackson faces three counts of aggravated s*xual battery and a fourth count of battery, a misdemeanour. Fans questioned Jackson’s treatment of women amid the incident, and some pondered what he would do to someone who was in a relationship with him.

Jackson isn’t currently married and doesn’t have a girlfriend, according to sources. He has, however, previously been connected to fellow influencer Dayna Marie. Last year, the two made love appear on video, leading to relationship rumours among fans. But neither Dayna nor Jackson addressed any kind of relationship.


Is Patrick Mahomes’ brother g*y?

A lot of people think Jackson might be gay. It’s obvious that his overnight success has led a lot of people to wonder about his preference. Jackson, however, asserted that he finds inquiries like “Is Jackson Mahomes Gay?” to be incredibly disrespectful.

He said that he had frequently admitted his interest to women in reaction to the claims. At the age of 22, he has no plans to get married, and it is unclear if he has a girlfriend. Jackson clarified his sexuality in a YouTube video that was uploaded in May 2020. He claimed in the video that he frequently receives inquiries about his dances on TikTok as well as his voice, which most people perceive to be feminine.


He affirmed that he wasn’t gay, though, and asserted that he was “attracted to girls.”

How much money will Jackson Mahomes have in 2023?

Jackson Mahomes is reportedly worth $3 million as of 2023, according to sources. As a social media influencer, he has amassed a little wealth. According to reports, Jackson makes about $750,000 each year from his TikTok account. He also started a YouTube account in 2020, where he earns an estimated $600 for every video.


Jackson, according to his own admission, earned his marketing degree from the University of Missouri in Kansas City in 2022. However, compared to his brother Patrick Mahomes, Jackson’s net worth is minuscule. Patrick, who played for the Kansas City Chiefs for six seasons in the NFL, has a $40 million net worth.


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