Is Hassan Campbell alive or dead after he’s shot in viral video during live stream

Is Hassan Campbell alive or dead after he’s shot in viral video during live stream

The controversial persona and outspoken nature of Hassan Campbell have attracted both fervent supporters and vehement critics throughout his online career with a video of him being shot viral

In a shocking turn of events, controversial YouTube personality Hassan Campbell found himself at the center of a violent incident as he was allegedly shot while livestreaming on the popular video-sharing platform.

Is Hassan Campbell alive or dead as he’s shot in viral video during live stream

The incident has sparked a wave of speculation and concern among his followers and renewed discussions about the risks and consequences of online fame.

Hassan Campbell was broadcasting live when live stream abruptly took a dramatic turn, leaving viewers in disbelief as gunshots rang out and chaos ensued.


The incident has since gone viral with clips circulating on social media platforms, amplifying the already contentious nature of Campbell’s online presence.

While details surrounding the alleged shooting are still emerging, initial reports suggest that Campbell sustained injuries during the incident. The motive behind the attack remains unclear, leaving fans and critics alike speculating about possible motivations and potential suspects. Authorities are actively investigating the incident, and his concerned fanbase eagerly awaits updates on Campbell’s condition.

This unfortunate incident has reignited discussions about the dangers and risks associated with being a public figure on social media platforms. YouTube, as one of the largest and most influential platforms globally has become a stage for individuals to express their opinions, share their lives, and build communities.


He has been no stranger to controversy, engaging in public disputes with other YouTubers and facing backlash for his views on sensitive topics.

Hassan Campbell, a YouTuber, was shouting challenges to anyone watching, saying he wouldn’t back down. Around 25 minutes into the livestream, it switched to inside a car with Campbell saying he needed to go to the hospital because he was shot.

Another person in the car offered to get him an ambulance. An update on the YouTube page mentioned that Campbell was going into surgery but is expected to make a full recovery. The update confirmed that he was indeed shot but thankfully had no fatal wounds and is alive.


In 2016, Campbell publicly accused Bambaataa of being a pervert who likes little boys. He shared that he was abused by Bambaataa numerous times when he was just 12 and 13 years old, a topic he addressed in the livestream.

Campbell’s allegations against Bambaataa have been widely known, and this recent incident has brought renewed attention to his past accusations.

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