Is Fabrizio Romano on the payroll of FC Barcelona and is he paid to peddle their agenda

Is Fabrizio Romano on the payroll of FC Barcelona and is he paid to peddle their agenda

Fabrizio Romano is one of the most respected journalists in the football community with rumors claiming he is on the payroll of Barcelona

When it comes to transfers and internal movements in European football, the Italian journalist has been one of the most trustworthy sources of information. He has had an unmistakable reputation throughout his journalism career. His name has, however, recently come under scrutiny, as that of FC Barcelona.

Is Fabrizio Romano on the payroll of FC Barcelona and is he paid to peddle the club’s agenda

Barcelona has been closely inspected in the Negreira case. The club’s internal matters were closely monitored under former President Josep Bartomeu’s direction. And now, Romano has been accused by Real Madrid supporters of tweeting in favour of FC Barcelona during this probe.

Madrid fans accuse Fabrizio of being on Barcelona’s payroll


Real Madrid supporters accuse Romano of tweeting in support of the Spanish team FC Barcelona, whether it be concerning trade rumours or drawing attention to dubious call-making during a game. They further claim that of these are meant to divert attention away from the major stories and ongoing disclosures regarding the Negreira case.

These accusations have their roots in a significant scandal that FC Barcelona faced in 2020. At the time, it was made public that former President Josep Bartomeu had engaged a social media company to launch defamation campaigns against prominent team members and political opponents who disapproved of his leadership.

However, as of now, no evidence has ever come to light against Romano that would indicate he was employed by anyone associated with FC Barcelona. As the world’s most prominent football journalist, he is frequently accused of taking sides with elite players like Cristiano Ronaldo or Lionel Messi. But none of the accusations against him have been supported by any concrete evidences.


Fabrizio began his career with a Barca news

Fabrizio Romano began his journalism career at the age of eighteen when he used to write for small Italian websites. One day, Fabrizio received a help request from an Italian agent based in Barcelona which helped Fabrizio to closely with La Masia of FC Barcelona. During that period, Fabrizio wrote about the acquisition of young players from La Masia as had a close relationship with the players at the Barcelona academy.

The first player whose transfer was authorized by Fabrizio is the Argentine striker, Mauro Icardi who currently plays for Galasataray. Icardi then signed with Inter Milan in 2013. Fabrizio got the chance to work with many other senior journalists with the transfer of Icardi. In 2014, Icardi became a formal member of Inter Milan.


After that, Romano joined Sky Sport Italia, which further broadened his network of contacts.


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