Is ex-Honda engineer Masayuki Minagawa joining Aston Martin for the F1 2024 season

Is ex-Honda engineer Masayuki Minagawa joining Aston Martin for the F1 2024 season

Engineer Masayuki Minagawa was recently spotted with an Aston Martin shirt

In the 21st century of Formula 1, significant dominance has been exhibited by major manufacturers, with Ferrari, Renault, McLaren, Red Bull, and Mercedes taking the spotlight. However, amidst the billion-dollar giants, an intriguing outlier emerges – Brawn GP.

The team garnered attention during the 2009 season with its innovative approach, and now, rumors circulate that one of the most controversial engineers from that era might be making a move to Aston Martin.

Is ex-Honda engineer Masayuki Minagawa really joining Aston Martin for the F1 2024 season

Is Minagawa Collaborating with Aston Martin?

For those unfamiliar with the engineer’s controversial reputation, the story begins with the 2009 season’s rule changes in F1. Teams were challenged to navigate alterations preventing the rear diffuser from stalling.


Masayuki Minagawa of Brawn GP devised a groundbreaking solution – the double diffuser. Identifying a regulatory loophole, Minagawa proposed the idea. Upon review by Charlie Whiting, an FIA member, there was no objection, deeming the concept within regulations.

The result was historic, as Brawn clinched the F1 championship in their debut season. Even Red Bull attempted to replicate the double diffuser, albeit without the same success. Now, rumors speculate Minagawa’s potential collaboration with Aston Martin, joining forces with Fernando Alonso.

Minagawa Shared Picture with Martin’ Team Apparel

This speculation gained traction when Minagawa shared a photo featuring an Aston Martin Team Apparel in the background. Fans swiftly connected the dots, linking the diffuser blurring in the AMR24 shakedown video, the AMR T-shirt, and Minagawa’s innovative contributions at Brawn.


While currently speculative, this move could materialize, especially considering the impending 2026 regulations. The intrigue deepens when considering Minagawa’s previous tenure with Honda in F1, which later evolved into Brawn GP.

Despite leaving the F1 project, Minagawa maintains ties with Honda. Aston Martin’s collaboration with Honda from the 2026 season onward aligns with Minagawa’s background, making him a valuable asset in navigating the upcoming new engine and aerodynamics regulations.


As the automotive landscape braces for transformative changes in 2026, having an astute engineer like Masayuki Minagawa, adept at identifying regulatory loopholes, could prove instrumental for Aston Martin’s pursuit of success in the evolving Formula 1 landscape.

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