Is Dominic Solanke an Indian by nationality and who are his parents and religion

Is Dominic Solanke an Indian by nationality and who are his parents and religion

Dominic Solanke is currently enjoying a remarkable run of form in the ongoing 2023-2024 Premier League season, showcasing his prowess as the lead striker for AFC Bournemouth with many believing he’s an Indian

His adept movements within the opponent’s box and sharp anticipation when off the ball establish him as one of the most formidable center-forwards in contemporary football.

At 26 years old, Solanke has impressively scored 14 goals in this Premier League campaign, solidifying his position as one of the quickest players of the season.

Is footballer Dominic Solanke an Indian by nationality and who are his parents and religion

Amidst soccer fans, there has always been speculation about his background. This exploration delves into Solanke’s nationality, religion, ethnicity, and parental background.


Born on September 14, 1997, in Reading City, Berkshire, England, Solanke also represents his nation on the international stage, boasting dual citizenship in England and Nigeria.

Contrary to any links with India, Solanke is not of Indian descent. Having played for esteemed clubs like Liverpool and Chelsea in his youth, the center-forward now plies his trade for AFC Bournemouth.


Solanke was born in Reading, Berkshire, to a Nigerian Yoruba father and an English mother and attended the Brighton Hill Community School in Basingstoke.

Ethnic Background & Religion

Solanke, hailing from an English ethnic background, has immersed himself in the culture and ethical practices of England since childhood. While information about his religious beliefs is not extensively available, it is suggested that he follows Christianity, likely being a Catholic. His zodiac sign is Virgo.


In terms of parental background, Solanke’s father originates from Nigeria, specifically from the Yoruba ethnicity. However, details about the forward’s father beyond this point remain undisclosed. Notably, Solanke’s father entered into matrimony with an English woman.

While the identity of Solanke’s mother remains unknown, reports confirm her British background. Some media sources refer to her as Mrs. Solanke, aligning with the family’s last name.

Overall, Dominic Solanke’s journey in football is accompanied by a diverse and intriguing background that adds depth to his identity on and off the pitch.


Contract & Net Worth

Premier League teams have closely monitored Solanke this season, impressed by his performance that aligns with the potential seen during his time at Chelsea’s academy. Following the expiration of his contract with Chelsea, he joined Liverpool and later made a £19 million move to Bournemouth five years ago.

Remarkably, he remained committed to Bournemouth even during their relegation to the Championship, actively contributing to their promotion efforts. As of now, Dominic Solanke’s financial standing reveals a net worth of €10 million, coupled with an annual salary of £1.4 million.

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