Is BGMI Coming Back In India After Being Banned Again And Latest Unban News 2022

Is BGMI Coming Back In India After Being Banned Again And Latest Unban News 2022

Know is BGMI coming back in India and the latest unban news in 2022

Although the government has not yet provided an official justification for why BGMI is prohibited in India, the fact that it used an order citing Section 69A of the IT Act to compel Google and Apple to remove BGMI from their app stores and play stores indicates that the government recognizes the game as a potential cyber threat. 

Know Is BGMI Coming Back In India After Being Banned Again And Latest Unban News 2022

According to a report to a news agency, a senior government official said that the BGMI app is either directly or indirectly connected to the server located in China. He said, “The analysis also showed that this application has malicious code and also acquires a host of critical permissions, which could be misused for compromising user data for surveillance through camera/microphone, location tracking, and malicious network activities.”

The Hope To Come Back Stronger Is Some Piece Of Good News For BGMI Player 

Despite this, the good news is that Krafton has decided to stay in the Indian market after abiding by local rules. To refresh your memory, Krafton only needed 10 months to reenter the Indian gaming industry with BGMI after PUBG Mobile was banned there in 2020. Krafton is still giving players in India reassurance at this point.


In its official statement, Krafton asked its users to kindly wait to hear from them. They will keep the players informed about further updates and are looking forward to strengthening their partnerships and collectively fostering the gaming ecosystem in India.

BGMI, of course, will have to comply with Indian laws if it wants to do business in India, but it’s interesting to note that Krafton already knew that they’d have to face this issue soon. The official website of BGMI may have released the BGMI game as an APK file for this reason. The APK file cannot be downloaded right now (after the ban) since Krafton has taken it down, but it can be available from the source APK websites. BGMI fans, however, already have the game downloaded to their smartphones, so they can still play the game at their convenience. 


The Assurance Given By The Developers Themselves

Krafton’s full statement regarding the BGMI ban in India stated: “We are committed to the Indian market and are positive about the opportunities in the country.” At KRAFTON, Inc., the security and privacy of our users’ data are of the utmost importance to us. We have always been compliant with all laws and regulations in India, including data protection laws and regulations, and will continue abiding by them.” 


The statement further said that they thank the Indian users for all the love and support that they have always bestowed on the company and aim to continue to work together in the future. They can rest assured that whatever the situation is, BGMI is and will remain the most loved game in India. 

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