Is Baseball Still America’s Favorite Pastime?

Is Baseball Still America’s Favorite Pastime?

The United States’ history with baseball is long, rich, and quite fascinating. The exact origins of the game can’t be traced with any degree of accuracy

However, we do know that by the end of the 19th century, the American population was deeply in love with baseball. Very soon, it became most Americans’ favorite sport to watch and play. Baseball teams like the Red Sox and players like Babe Ruth became superstars in their own right.

Is Baseball Still #1?

However, over the years, other sports have begun to supplant baseball in terms of popularity. Basketball, for example, is now the world’s second most popular sport. The National Basketball Association gets viewers from all over the world and is worth upwards of a billion.

Football has also surged past baseball to win the hearts of Americans. The Super Bowl is the US’ most watched sporting event. Fans attend the game in person, watch it on their TV, throw parties and invite all their friends, just in hopes of seeing their preferred team win the Super Bowl.


Of course, the event attracts a lot of bettors as well. Online sportsbooks are now legal on a federal level in the USA, and most states allow the practice. Interested parties can check out a FanDuel sportsbook review, and find out whether the website is for them. Of course, the bookie covers football, basketball, and baseball.

As it stands today, the NFL is America’s biggest and most successful sports organization. Most Americans name football as their favorite sport, and football games tend to get the most attendance, as well as coverage. Which means, it is more accurate to say that “football is America’s favorite pastime.”

However, that does not mean that baseball has diminished in the eyes of the people. The sport still attracts a huge number of fans, and Major League Baseball stands as the second biggest sports league in the USA. But baseball does stand leagues ahead of football in one category…

International Success

For a long time, baseball did not have much of an international success. The term “America’s favorite pastime” served as somewhat of a double-edged sword. While the favorite sport in the USA, it seemed it was only a favorite in the USA. The rest of the world did not care much for baseball.


However, recently, this has changed. Baseball is becoming a lot more popular, especially in Asian countries like Japan and South Korea. The Japanese baseball team is especially successful, having won quite a few international competitions.

On the other hand, American football, as it is known around the world, remains mostly popular in the USA. England and Germany have shown some signs of interest in the sport. However, for the most part soccer and basketball dominate the interest of Europeans.

Is Baseball Still America’s Favorite Pastime?

While the moniker may be outdated, we believe baseball is still deserving of the title. While not exactly true, the legacy of baseball is largely responsible for the vibrant sports industry that Americans now enjoy. From that point of view, the game deserves to be called “America’s favorite pastime.