Instagram Comments Not Showing Up And Loading In 2022 Error Explained And Fix

Instagram Comments Not Showing Up And Loading In 2022 Error Explained And Fix

After the new update appears, many users are complaining about their Instagram comments being gone, know what to do if they are not loading or working in 2022

So, let’s find out what happened.

In recent years, Instagram has become an important hub for social media influencers to gain more fame. People also become so obsessed with likes, comments, and other statistical insights into their shared content.

Instagram Comments Not Showing Up And Loading In 2022 Error Explained And Problem Fix

Apart from this, Instagram also updates its users with some new and unique updates from time to time. With the recently released Notes feature, which lets you interact with your close pals using only text and characters, the photo-sharing network is making its users nostalgic.

Additionally, Instagram is currently experimenting with new features that will allow users to select a more specialized audience for their activities, thus enhancing the exclusivity of the service.

However, because of these sudden updates, Instagram’s original feature—the comments—which has always been present—seems to have vanished from the app all of a sudden.

As a result of this, many users flooded various social media platforms with queries about where their Instagram comments had gone. So, let’s find out everything about it:


Instagram Comments Gone Glitch Explained

Numerous Instagram users have complained about comments on their photos not appearing as of Wednesday, December 14. According to users, they can only view Instagram posts and are unable to read the comments left on them.

Since comments on Instagram posts are just as crucial to keeping users interested and preventing the platform from becoming monotonous, the recent mysterious disappearance of comments really concerned users.

It seems to be an error and not a deliberate action to prevent users from reading the comments.


There have previously been similar problems with the comments area. However, Instagram has not yet commented on the issues with the comments as of now.

For getting updates on the problem, follow Instagram Comms on Twitter because the social media site keeps its users informed about its features and any problems that could arise with them.

How To Get The New Update?

If you haven’t downloaded the most recent update, your app could malfunction. The Android and iOS app stores both provide the most recent version of Instagram.


For certain users, the features could be implemented a bit later. So, monitor it throughout the course of the following several days. If the updates are completely unavailable, you could reside in an area where they haven’t yet been made available.

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