Insomniac Games hacked data leak goes viral on Reddit and reveals Wolverine details and future projects

Insomniac Games hacked data leak goes viral on Reddit and reveals Wolverine details and future projects

We examine how the hacker group Rhysida managed to access and leak the confidential data of Insomniac Games on Reddit, who declined to meet the group’s demands

Hackers infiltrated Insomniac, the developer responsible for Marvel’s Spider-Man, and insisted on a payment of 50 BTC, around $2 Million, to be made within seven days. Following Sony’s reported refusal to meet their ransom demands, the hackers have now carried out their threat.

Insomniac Games hacked data leak goes viral on Reddit and reveals Wolverine details and future projects list

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Concerns are growing within the tech industry regarding cyber attacks, with several breaches affecting the video game sector in recent years. In 2020, Capcom suffered a significant data breach revealing unannounced games. Last year, video files related to GTA 6 were stolen and leaked online, leading to the conviction of one of the accused hackers, Arion Kurtaj, from the Lapsus$ group, on 12 different offenses following a seven-week trial in August.


How will this data breach impact the plans of Sony and Insomniac?

According to Cyber Daily, the ransomware group Rhysida has disclosed 1.67 terabytes of data, encompassing more than 1.3 million files. This data includes videos and images revealing details about the upcoming game Marvel’s Wolverine, personal information about staff, and a signed contract between Marvel and Sony for future projects.


Videos showcasing early Wolverine footage, unreleased characters, the game’s cast, a list of locations, the plot, and the target release date are now available online. Insomniac’s release schedule up to the end of 2033, along with estimated development budgets, has also been revealed. Notably, the leaked data encompasses a bootable build of Wolverine.

Following the initial disclosure of the data breach, Sony issued a statement confirming an investigation and affirming that no other Sony divisions had been impacted. Both Sony and Insomniac have refrained from commenting on the recent dissemination of this material. According to information released by Cyber Daily, a representative from Rhysida revealed that the attackers possessed extensive knowledge about their target.

What data is leaked by Rhysida?

In his statement, the Rhysida spokesperson stated that his team carried out this operation with the awareness that companies engaged in developing such games would be susceptible. He asserted that they gained access to the domain administrator within 20–25 minutes of infiltrating the network. The Rhysida spokesperson highlighted that the main motive behind the attack was financial gain.


The data breach revealed specific information, including a presentation slide disclosing Insomniac’s upcoming game lineup. Notable releases included Marvel’s Venom in 2025, Marvel’s Wolverine in 2026, Marvel’s Spider-Man 3 in 2028, a new Ratchet & Clank in 2029, Marvel’s X-Men in 2030, and an unnamed new IP in 2031/2032. It’s important to note that these release dates are subject to change.

Additionally, a separate slide outlined an extended roadmap, featuring multiple X-Men games and the launch of a second new IP in 2035. The breach also provided insights into Insomniac’s multiplayer initiatives, such as Spider-Man 2 Online scheduled for 2024, Wolverine Online for 2026, and X-Men Online for 2028. However, it’s worth noting that these release plans may no longer be current.