Innings break time in ODI, T20, Test, World Cup cricket 2023 match, meaning and rules

Innings break time in ODI, T20, Test, World Cup cricket 2023 match, meaning and rules

Know the time between an innings break in an ODI match in the ongoing Cricket World Cup 2023

Cricket, often described as a gentleman’s game, is known for its rich traditions and intricate rules. One such aspect that holds importance in the world of cricket is the “Innings Break.” know about the timings for T20I, IPL, Test ODI, and World Cup 2023.

Innings break time in ODI, T20, Test, World Cup cricket 2023 match, meaning and rules explained

Whether you’re watching a thrilling One-Day International (ODI), a fast-paced Twenty20 International (T20I), the electrifying Indian Premier League (IPL), the classical Test match, or the prestigious World Cup 2023, the innings break plays a pivotal role in determining the pace and rhythm of the game.

The innings break in cricket refers to the duration between innings in a match. During this interval, both teams exit the field, regroup, and prepare for the upcoming inning. The length of this break varies depending on the format of the game. 

Test Cricket:

Test cricket, the longest and most traditional format, boasts a unique innings-break structure that adapts to various situations. In Test matches, the innings break lasts for a standard 10 minutes, beginning from the close of one inning until the commencement of the next. However, several scenarios can alter this duration, based on the Laws of Cricket.

If an inning concludes with 10 minutes or less remaining before the day’s agreed close, no further play occurs on that day.

If a captain declares an inning closed or forfeits it during an interruption exceeding 10 minutes, no adjustment is made to the resumption time.


If a captain declares an inning closed or forfeits it during a non-drinks interval with at least 10 minutes left, the interval retains its agreed duration and includes the standard 10-minute break. If less than 10 minutes remain, the next inning begins 10 minutes after the declaration or forfeiture.

Ending with 10 minutes or less before lunch: In this scenario, the interval is taken immediately, retaining the agreed duration and including the 10-minute break.

If an inning ends with 10 minutes or less before the agreed time for lunch due to ground conditions, weather, light, or exceptional circumstances, the interval is taken immediately, maintaining the agreed duration.

Unless the umpires and captains agree otherwise, lunch is taken at the agreed time.

In this case, the interval is taken immediately, maintaining the agreed duration and the 10-minute break.

If a break is already in progress when 30 minutes remain before tea, play resumes at the end of the 10-minute interval if conditions permit.

T20 Internationals and IPL:

T20 cricket, known for its fast-paced action, maintains a concise innings break duration of 10 minutes. In a typical T20 match, organizers aim for completion within approximately three hours, with each inning scheduled to last an hour and twenty minutes. 


This ensures that the innings break is kept as brief as possible. It’s not uncommon to witness fielding team players sprinting back to the dressing room as soon as the first inning ends to save time and get ready promptly.

The Indian Premier League (IPL), a T20 extravaganza, aligns with this pattern, adhering to a 10-minute innings break time as well.

One-Day International (ODI) and World Cup 2023:

In ODIs, the innings break is typically set to a maximum of 45 minutes. However, umpires possess the authority to reduce this duration if the first innings experiences time loss due to various factors. The time loss scenarios are outlined as follows:

Up to 60 minutes of time lost: In this case, the innings break in ODI is reduced to 30 minutes to ensure that the match progresses on schedule.

If the time lost in the first innings reaches the 120-minute mark, the innings break in ODI is further shortened to 20 minutes.

When the time lost surpasses 120 minutes in the first innings, the innings break is slashed to a mere 10 minutes. This is to expedite the game and maintain its flow.


The ICC Cricket World Cup 2023, often regarded as the pinnacle of ODI cricket, follows the same innings-break rules as standard ODIs. The innings break is set at a maximum of 45 minutes, but similar to ODIs, it can be shortened if there is a loss of time during the first innings, reducing it to 30 minutes.

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