India’s Best Dancer season 3 2023 winner and runner up name and prize money

India’s Best Dancer season 3 2023 winner and runner up name and prize money

The electrifying grand finale of India’s Best Dancer season 3 witnessed a star-studded affair, with the Ganapath lead actors Tiger Shroff and Kriti Sanon gracing the stage as special guests to reveal the winner and runner up name

Notably, Bollywood icon Govinda also added his charm to the grand finale of India’s Best Dancer season 3.

India’s Best Dancer season 3 2023 winner and runner up name, prize money and grand finale finalists 

The climax of this season culminated in a well-deserved victory for Samarpan Lama who clinched the coveted title along with a cash prize of Rs 15 lakh. Additionally, Samarpan’s talented choreographer was awarded Rs 5 lakh in recognition of their remarkable contribution.

The grand finale, aptly named ‘Finale No 1,’ showcased the outstanding talents of the top five finalists: Anjali Mamgai, Samarpan Lama, Aniket Chauhan, Vipul Khandapal, and Shivanshu Soni. The evening was further ignited by the performances of all the finalists as well as the dynamic presence of the lead actors from Ganapath.

The highlight of the evening was Govinda’s charismatic appearance where he recreated the iconic “Premjaal” dance with the graceful Sonali Bendre. This added a touch of nostalgia and entertainment to the already exhilarating event.


India’s Best Dancer season 3 bonus points and performances

During the finale, judges Sonali Bendre and Geeta Kapoor introduced a game-changing twist by awarding an extra 10 points to one of the finalists. This addition, factored in with the public votes and the judges’ scores from the previous week, had the potential to alter the course of the competition. Ultimately, Anjali emerged victorious, securing the bonus points.

The grand finale also featured soul-stirring performances by Indian Idol winners Salman Ali and Pawandeep Rajan. This offered the audience an array of breathtaking musical moments. Additionally, the upcoming season of Indian Idol introduced its new host, Hussain Kuwajerwala who graced the grand finale of IBD3.


India’s Best Dancer Season 3 commenced on April 8 with a pool of 14 exceptionally talented contestants. The journey was marked by intense competition and memorable moments, culminating in the final showdown where Samarpan Lama emerged as the ultimate victor.

Vipul Khandapal clinched the fifth spot, Aniket Chauhan came fourth and Shivanshu Soni became the second runner-up while Anjali came second.

This season, the judging panel comprised Geeta Kapoor, Terence Lewis, and the luminous Sonali Bendre, who stepped in for Malaika Arora. Jay Bhanushali skillfully helmed the show as the host, adding his unique flair to the proceedings.

India’s Best Dancer Season 3 came to a spectacular close with Samarpan Lama clinching the title and Rs 15 lakh in prize money.


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