ICC Releases New Points System And Rules For World Test Championship 2021-23

ICC Releases New Points System And Rules For World Test Championship 2021-23

For the World Test Championship 2021-23, the International Cricket Council has released the latest points based system and schedule.

Each team will be bestowed with 12 game points, six points for a tie game, four points for a draw match, and null for defeat.

World Test Championship 2021-23 New Points System And Rules

A victory will provide 100% of the points to the side, while 50 will be awarded for a tie and 33.3% will be granted for a draw.

The initial cycle of the WTC had a maximum of 120 points for each series and therefore, in comparison with the teams playing the two-game test series were slightly leading, compared to teams competing in the five-game test series were at disadvantaged.


Official Statement By The ICC CEO On World Test Championship 2021-23

“During the pandemic, the proportion of total points by each team will have to be changed to ranking teams on the points table, as all sets cannot be finished. This would help in identifying those top two contenders and in the given time period to ICC, as they were able to conclude the World Test championship. The technique further enables us to evaluate the relative execution of the teams, irrespective of their number of games.”

Vital Reason For Changes In The Eligibility Rules For Qualifying For World Test Championship Final 2023

The ICC has altered the eligibility conditions of the World Test Championship from the maximum game points earned to percentage points accumulated from the matches. Which further got cancelled later due to covid-19 in the first edition, which New Zealand won after it conquered India in the final in the previous month of June.


During the span two years, nine Test teams will compete for the Test mace, with each nation playing six series in total. The inaugural WTC 2021-23 series will begin from the five-game Test series between England versus India. 

The Ashes will be another five-game series in the second cycle later this year to finish in June 2023, with the exception of the Indian-England series in July.


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