“I don’t do coke,” Cardi B Lashes Out At Jake Shields After He Compared Her To Andrew Tate

“I don’t do coke,” Cardi B Lashes Out At Jake Shields After He Compared Her To Andrew Tate

The 29-year-old artist Cardi B fought back against being associated with the notorious online figure Andrew Tate in a now-deleted tweet by Jake Shields

When MMA fighter Jake Shields alleged that Cardi was a bad role model for young girls, the singer responded.

Jake expressed his support for Andrew on Twitter on Thursday, August 18, after learning that the media personality had been banned from Facebook and Instagram. He tweeted, “People are freaking out about young males idolising Andrew Tate but perfectly cool with young girls idolising Cardi B and the Kardashians.

Cardi B Lashes Out At Jake Shields After He Compared Her To Andrew Tate

In the following tweet, he continued to reproach the popular rapper: “The important takeaway from Tate’s book is to put in hard work, stay in shape, and earn money rather than being lazy and making excuses. Cardi’s plan is to use drugs, f**k random dudes, and live like a stupid fool.”

Cardi B Blasts UFC Fighter Jake Shields

Cardi responded to Jake’s comments on Twitter “I’m married, a mother of two children, don’t drink or use drugs, don’t smoke marijuana, and I volunteer a lot. But okay, let me bring Cardi into the argument to support a man who supports rape and misogyny.” The platform has currently removed Cardi’s message.”

Andrew has been blocked from all websites, including Facebook and Instagram, as a result of a recent infraction of Meta’s policy against dangerous groups and individuals. Due to Andrew’s misogynistic remarks, TikTok declared that his profile would be permanently suspended. 

According to a TikTok official, “On TikTok, misogyny is a divisive philosophy that is not accepted. We are still looking into this content while also removing violative accounts and videos and working to improve our detection models and other aspects of our enforcement against this kind of content.”


Andrew’s Tate Twitter Account Was Suspended By Officials

Andrew, a self-described misogynist, was banned from Twitter in 2017 after making remarks about how rape survivors share some responsibility for what occurred to them and how women ought to stay in the home. In 2016, after a video of him attacking a woman went viral, he was also expelled from the reality program competition “Big Brother.”

In the past, Tate received criticism for suggesting that rape victims must “carry some blame” and that, in a committed relationship, a woman’s genitalia belong to her spouse. By calling female self-defence “bullshit” and asserting that women are “incapable of fighting,” he further implied that men and women are not on an equal footing.

Tate became a new prominent person in the manosphere, which, according to InternetMatters.org, is “a network of online men’s organisations that propagate anti-feminist and sexist ideologies blaming women and feminists for all kinds of issues in society.”

The Hustlers University, which was Tate’s curriculum, was reportedly shut down on Saturday, according to reports. The business, which provided financial guidance through paid online courses, came under fire from some for seeming to be a scam.


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