“I can make cocaine,” young Ja Morant old Instagram pictures go viral

“I can make cocaine,” young Ja Morant old Instagram pictures go viral

Ja Morant former Instagram account, soexclusive12, has been accessed by the internet, and the pictures are better than you may expect of the young basketball player

Morant’s old Instagram is too funny to be true.

Ja Morant has been in the news several times in March 2023 due to events off the court, but this week, the point guard’s fans have been laughing at a more humorous narrative. The Memphis Grizzlies point guard, who is presently barred from competition after an incident involving an Instagram live stream, hasn’t always drawn criticism for his social media use. Really quite wholesome in its earlier days, Morant’s old Instagram has been rediscovered for the benefit of all.

Young Ja Morant old Instagram pictures go viral as he’s suspended for gun viral

Ja Morant’s old Instagram is searched by Dj Akademics

Back in the day, we all had humiliating social media profiles. But, in Morant’s instance, some people had their old Instagram selfies aired out to over 5 million people online. Some of us have forgotten the password to them, and the more intelligent among us managed to erase them.

When Morant was barely 13 years old, the account, where he previously used the handle @soexclusive12_, originally started operating. Although Morant’s bio states, “Follow Mhe, I Follow Back,” that promise is beginning to seem implausible given that the account currently has just under 90,000 followers.


A selection of the soexclusive12 Instagram’s best snaps

Of the 50 uploads on Morant’s former Instagram, which are primarily pouty selfies with a few motivational words tossed in for good measure, there are some true masterpieces. Some of our favourites are as follows:

Reactions to Ja Morant’s old Instagram on Twitter

As you can expect, Morant’s former soexclusive12 Instagram account has given Twitter a field day. Responding to the old images, one user wrote: “Thank God I deleted my MySpace, original Facebook and original Twitter”, while another poster added, “the captions had me weak”. Another user gave sensible advice to be careful with what they write online:


However, some people defended Morant, with one tweeter challenging others to expose their previous social media profiles. And we doubt many people took her up on that offer. So, what do you think about the posts?