How To Play FIFA 22 Beta Version: Download, Release Date, Start Code And Gameplay

How To Play FIFA 22 Beta Version: Download, Release Date, Start Code And Gameplay

FIFA 22 is on its way to get its official release, but players can enjoy the beta version as it has started, know about the early access download link and start code

The 29th edition of FIFA which is FIFA 22 will be released on 1st October. Moreover, players can enjoy the game before if they pre-order the game. FIFA 22 will be available from 27th September for the players who have pre-ordered the game. Also, they can enjoy the game one week before if they have the EA play membership.

Apart from these, players can also enjoy the game by getting the beta version. However, there are certain requirements in order to avail of the beta version. So, here are all the details about FIFA 22 beta version including its start cod and how to download it.

FIFA 22 Beta Version, Download Size, Start Code, And Gameplay

The game was announced on July 22 and later it was made official that it will arrive on 1st October. Furthermore, the closed beta version has also started now and few players will get the game’s early access for beta testing. Players with FUT Champions verification can avail the game’s beta version.

To get verified as FUT Champions players one needs to win at least 27 matches in one weekend of the FUT Champions competition in FIFA 21. Players who are verified will automatically get a start code by which they can play the game’s beta version.

If you’re not verified there are still chances you can get early access. Here’s how?

Sign-Up for EA Mails

Players can sign-up for EA emails and wait for the start code. Follow these steps to sign-up


Step-1: Login with Your EA Account

Step-2: Go to Account preferences and check the box fr EA services and new mails

Step-3: Make sure to check the right email or wait for the granted access.


Step-4: If received one, check the mode that has been granted access to.

Step-5: Load up the code onto your console

After all this, wait for the start code. It takes time to send the code, if you’re the lucky one EA will send it to you for the FIFA 22 early access.


FIFA 22 Beta Dates And Download Size

The beta version was previously released on 23rd June but later it was cancelled as many of the content creators were leaking it. The download size of the beta version is around 39 GB and it will be back on 25th August. Users will receive their start codes on August 11th.

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