How to download Real Cricket 24 game for Android, Play Store, iOS and APK mod

How to download Real Cricket 24 game for Android, Play Store, iOS and APK mod

Here is all you need to know about Real Cricket 24  including from where and how to download the game for Android and iOS

IGN India was present to see the conclusion of the Global e-Cricket Premier League 2023, or GEPL, on December 8.

How to download Real Cricket 24 game for Android, Play Store, iOS, APK mod

There was a tonne of entertainment at the competition in addition to fierce competitiveness. The free-to-play, skill-based cricket simulation game Real Cricket 24 also made its debut at GEPL 2023.

Fans of cricket who are into esports, settle in as Real Cricket 24, the most recent version, is now available for iOS and Android users. Following an update on December 7, the game; which was created by Nautilus Mobile; was just released for the iOS and Android platforms.

Balewadi Stadium in Pune served as the host venue for the GEPL 2023, with JetSynthesys providing a magnificent stage for the esports competitions. Over two lakh participants registered for the events in its first phase, and the top 100 players were selected to compete in the team format.


Update on Real Cricket 24

With a new graphical revamp, the Real Cricket 24 game boasts better images than its predecessor, Real Cricket 22. The increased tone of the game is partly attributed to new crowds and intriguing camera angles.

The altered character designs can also be made up for by players with alternate faces, haircuts, and homemade attire. RC24 has also added the Dharamsala Stadium in this latest version. Another feature of the updated game that allows players to personalise it is community mods.


Real Cricket 24 cricket formats

In addition to various international and domestic cricket competitions, Real Cricket 24 offers the option to choose ODI World Cups, T20 World Cups, Tour mode, and RCPL editions.

From where to download Real Cricket 24?

The game is available for download on Android devices through the Google Play Store and on iOS devices through the App Store. The APK file can be downloaded here.


Real Cricket 24 prize money

Four teams competed for a sizable portion of the 2.51 crore cash prize in the finale: the Dubai Vipers, New York Apes, London Rhinos, and Kolkata Hawks. The Dubai Vipers won the competition; New York Apes, who topped the table, came in first runner-up, followed by London Rhinos in second.