How much total money has Draymond Green paid in NBA fines, his salary, contract, net worth

How much total money has Draymond Green paid in NBA fines, his salary, contract, net worth

Draymond Green is a veteran NBA player who currently faces a five-game suspension, find out what are his career earnings, salary per game, contract details and total NBA fines list

Draymond Green currently plays as a power forward for the Golden State Warriors in the NBA.

How much total money has Draymond Green paid in NBA fines, his salary, contract, net worth in 2023

Throughout his career, Green has had a very difficult time with his discipline, racking up quite the number of suspensions and fines along the way.


Draymond Green incurs five-game suspension and a hefty fine

Just recently, Draymond Green incurred a five-game suspension, which is his longest NBA suspension to date. The suspension came following an incident with Rudy Gobert during the Timberwolves vs. Warriors game. Draymond received the penalty for unsportsmanlike conduct for aggressively grabbing around the neck of Minnesota’s Rudy Gobert. The league officially announced the decision on Wednesday night.

In addition, Gobert, alongside his teammate Jaden McDaniels and the Golden State’s Klay Thompson, all face disciplinary action. The players have all incurred $25,000 in fines due to their involvement in the same event. Notably, Draymond Green faces a five-game suspension alongside a $769,704 fine in salary. It also marks the longest suspension that Green has faced in his career and the first time that he’s received a multiple-game suspension.

Draymond Green career fines and suspension

Draymond has had quite the record of fines and suspensions throughout his career. Following the recent incident, the 33-year-old has now incurred around $2,231,780 in fines throughout his career. Moreover, he has faced nineteen game ejections as well as nine game suspensions, including the recent five-game suspension.


Draymond Green income and earnings per game

According to ESPN’s Bobby Marks, Draymond Green reportedly earns about $153,941 per game. This means that the veteran NBA star will earn around $12,623,162 for the entire season, despite a projected annual salary of $22,321,429 for the 2023–24 season. The $9,698,267 discrepancy most likely comes from taxes and other deductions. According to NBA regulations, players are required to shoulder federal, state, and jock taxes, in addition to FICA, which includes various contributions to Social Security and Medicare. Moreover, there are additional expenditures from NBA Escrow and agent fees.

Contract and career earnings

According to reports, Draymond Green has recorded total career earnings worth $177,883,613 throughout his 12 years in the NBA. Meanwhile, if he succeeds in fulfilling the last three years of his current contract with the Warriors, his career earnings will increase to a whopping $255,562,184. Green initially signed a modest three-year contract worth $2,640,743 when the Warriors first picked him as the 35th overall pick in the 2012 NBA draft. After three successful seasons, Green signed a five-year extension worth $82,000,000 with the Warriors.


Green’s net worth in 2023 is estimated to be around $60 million, per Celebrity Net Worth.

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