How much did Zion Williamson pay Moriah Mills in monthly allowance while cheating on girlfriend Ahkeema

How much did Zion Williamson pay Moriah Mills in monthly allowance while cheating on girlfriend Ahkeema

Your mind will be blown if we tell you how much of the monthly allowance Zion Williamson handed Moriah Mills

Moriah disclosed Zion’s payment.

Who wouldn’t want to be with a young, wealthy NBA star like Zion Williamson? Because of it, he got himself into this sticky predicament with OF model Moriah Mills and other unidentified ladies. Zion is a very kind young man, as evidenced by Moriah’s disclosure of the amount he used to give her each month.

How much did Zion Williamson pay Moriah Mills in monthly allowance while cheating on baby mama Ahkeema

Moriah Mills claims Zion Williamson was giving her a whopping $107K each month, and now that he’s expecting a child, she fears he may decide to stop giving her money.

Moriah called out Zion on Twitter.

After it was revealed that NBA player Zion Williamson was expecting a child with his partner, news of the pregnancy quickly went global. When movie star Moriah Mills joined the dialogue and called out Williamson on Twitter, the viral aspect of the conversation started.


The star said Williamson misled her and that the top player for the Pelicans routinely flew her out and offered her gifts. Although she wasn’t tricked; rather, she was lied to. Zion provided her with the items that she requested. However, she said Zion dated older ladies because he had an ancient soul. Moreover, she accused him of abusing her confidence by having a baby on her.

Mills criticised the NBA player harshly and gushed about his affection for him. “Thanks for the gifts you brought me last week, @ZionWilliamson. I’m not sure why you wanted to upset me again; it’s all good, the adult movie star tweeted. You are now responsible for something! You would be furious if a trap baby forced you to reduce your 107k monthly allowance! And no, I’m not going to upload every receipt from this.” Williamson has not yet responded to Mills’ remarks or rants as of yet.

You received a monthly stipend from a man of $107K, yet you are always criticising him because he caused the pregnancy of another lady. Maybe Moriah loved Zion too much for the allowance he was giving her. However, a wise woman would have remained silent and then taken pleasure in her $107K salary without disclosing the pregnancy online.


After the Zion Williamson scandal, Moriah Mills searches skyrocketed.

Several days before Zion revealed to the world that he was going to become a father, according to Mills’ Twitter posts, she had intercourse with the basketball player. According to a source from P**nHub’s staff quoted in a TMZ report, Mills’ search volume rose 2,293 per cent after her Twitter posts went up.


Moriah Mills’ career has experienced what can only be called an explosion, and she is currently listed among the top 200 actresses on Po**Hub.