How Does Dream11 Make Money: How Does Dream11 Work And Earn?

How Does Dream11 Make Money: How Does Dream11 Work And Earn?

How Does Dream11 Make Money: Dream11 is the most popular fantasy sports platform in India. It has a user base of more than 80 million users

It provides 8 different sports such as kabaddi, hockey, handball, volleyball, etc including cricket and football. The fantasy sports platform generated a revenue of INR 775 crores or $103 million in 2019 which was 250% more than the INR 224 crores or $30 million in 2018. It has all the big cricketers as its brand ambassadors.

Dream11 was the title sponsor of the Indian Premier League in 2020 and currently are the official partners of the tournament. It is the title sponsors of many other t20 leagues such as the Caribbean Premier League and the Super Smash T20 cup, around the globe. They are the first Indian gaming company to have entered the Unicorn club (a startup valued at $1 billion).

How does Dream11 Make Money?

Dream11 doesn’t allow third-party advertisements on their platform. They earn through the platform fee or commission from the contests that users play on their platform. They charge a platform fee of 15-20% of the total winning amount of the contest.


From a contest of a cricket match with 2,45,100 spots and an entry fee of Rs.51 per team, they have a prize pool of Rs.1 crore instead of R.1,25,00,100. The remaining Rs.25,00,100 goes to dream11 as their profit or as the platform fee.

Dream11 Earn And Winnings 

This is only one league, there are many big leagues of lacs as the prize pool with different spots and thousands and thousands of small leagues from 2 up to 339 spots every match. There are about 15-20 matches per day on dream11 without any big sports tournament going on. This number increases even more during big tournaments like the Cricket World Cup, the Indian Premier League.


For a contest of 2 spots of an entry fee of Rs.5750, the prize pool on the app is Rs.10,000. The remaining Rs.1500 goes to Dream11 as the platform fee.

This exact figure of their revenue of one day is so much that it’s unthinkable and is increasing every day with more and more users joining their platform. No wonder dream11 is the king of the fantasy sports industry in India.

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