Hawk Tuah meaning explained and what is the name of the girl seen in the viral Instagram meme video

Hawk Tuah meaning explained and what is the name of the girl seen in the viral Instagram meme video

“You gotta give ’em that ‘hawk tuah’ and spit on that thing video has made a girl viral on Instagram, have a look at the meaning of the term

Every time a video goes viral, it’s simple to forget that actual people were involved in its creation. Not only do well-known influencers frequently produce viral videos, but occasionally the common people step into the spotlight even though they may not have asked to be in it. That appears to be the case with the “hawk tuah girl,” a recent favourite viral success.

The girl became popular after responding to a question on Tim and Dee TV, a show where two social media influencers quiz individuals they see in the street. Everyone was curious about her identity as the girl was endearing, captivating, and gorgeous as per viewers.

The original ‘hawk tuah’ video was shared on YouTube by Tim & Dee TV as an Instagram Reel. The interview took place in Nashville, Tennessee, when the two women were probably taking a break from the club or pub hopping on Main Street.

Hawk Tuah meaning explained and what is the name of the spit that girl seen in the viral video


In the video, the interviewer asks her, “What’s one move in bed that makes a man go crazy every time?” to which she replies, “Oh, you gotta give him that hawk tuah and spit on that thang! You get me?”

In less than a week, the video received half a million views on TikTok and almost eight million views on Instagram.

Hawk tuah is an onomatopoeia for the sound of spitting and it’s the noise you make when you hawk back, gather saliva, bring it to the front of your mouth, and then spit it out with a “tuah” sound.

Who is the hawk tuah girl?

The hawk tuah girl and her pal are featured in multiple videos on Tim and Dee’s page, and people are enamoured with tracking her down.


The internet seems to have been captured by the hawk tuah girl’s unapologetic ability to be ridiculous while talking about sex on camera, even if the video has garnered popularity due to memes depicting her in humorous scenarios behind a green screen.

And now, everyone wants to locate her, from ladies motivated by her bravery to men hoping to experience a hawk tuah moment with her.

Many  have been linking her to various people as they try to figure out who she is. Elayna Robinson, a TikToker, was one such association. Many people have asserted that Robinson is the woman shown in the Hawk Tuah video after it became viral. Robinson has subsequently stated that she is not the Hawk Tuah girl in a video that she uploaded on TikTok.

Even her bio has been modified to reflect the fact that she is not the girl that people tend to associate her with.

However, according to online sleuths, the Hawk Tuah girl is believed to be Hailey Welch and the other girl who is seen standing beside the Hawk Tuah girl could be Chelsea Bradford. She can be seen wearing the same black dress in many of her social media photos that she was wearing during the interview.


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