Has Gavi really rejected dating Leonor the Princess of Spain

Has Gavi really rejected dating Leonor the Princess of Spain

Here is all you need to know about the Princess of Spain Leonor who might be crushing on Gavi and who he allegedly rejected

There were reports in 2022 that Princess of Spain Leonor was crushing over FC Barcelona youngster Gavi.

Has footballer Gavi really rejected dating Leonor the Princess of Spain

Following Spain’s victory over Costa Rica on November 23 2022, Gavi allegedly autographed a shirt for her father, King Felipe VI of Spain. According to sources, the King received the shirt from the Crown Princess, who is just a year younger than Gavi, even though it appears to be a few sizes smaller than the King’s.


A number of the princess’s previously unreleased images have been made public by the Spanish royal family, ahead of her 18th birthday. One of the pictures included her holding a World Cup trophy and donning a Spanish jersey. Following Spain’s men’s team’s 2010 World Cup victory, the princess clutched the trophy as a little child.


Gavi has allegedly rejected the Spanish princess, according to numerous rumours and posts on Instagram. To be clear and precise, all of these rumours are untrue because no concrete evidence or news regarding them has surfaced within the football world. There are a lot of accounts on social media which put unverified news and they gain a lot of attention and views, despite the news to be not true. This one is one of those.

Who is Leonor?

Leonor is the Princess of Asturias, who was born on October 31, 2005, in Madrid, Spain. She is Felipe VI and Queen Letizia’s eldest daughter and her father’s heir.


She received her education at the same school her father did, Santa María de los Rosales School, and then attended UWC Atlantic College in Wales, United Kingdom, to pursue an International Baccalaureate after completing her secondary education.

18-year-old Leonor began her three-year military schooling on August 17, 2023, when she enrolled in the General Military Academy.


Meanwhile, Gavi is currently recovering from the injury. After undergoing ACL surgery, the Barcelona midfielder has shared an update on social media. In a recent update, the Spain international is seen appearing to be in high spirits and working out at the gym.

The Spanish giants have suffered a great loss with the teenager’s injury, as it is unlikely that he will play again until the next season.


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