Has actor Sarath Babu passed away and his latest health update as death rumors go viral

Has actor Sarath Babu passed away and his latest health update as death rumors go viral

Sarath Babu fell prey to a death hoax on social media, know if he’s dead or alive as his latest health update comes out

However, his family has now shared an update regarding his health.

Sathyam Babu Dixithulu, a well-known Indian actor who is renowned for his extensive work in the Tamil and Telugu cinema industries, fell prey to an online death hoax recently.

Better known by his stage name Sarath Babu, he has been feeling ill for a few days and is receiving treatment at the AIG Hospital in Hyderabad’s Gachibowli neighborhood.

Has Sarath Babu passed away and his latest health update as death rumors go viral


Babu was reportedly in severe condition when he was brought to a Hyderabad hospital earlier in the previous week. The 71-year-old was being treated for multiple organ injuries while hospitalized and on a ventilator. It should be emphasized that this was his second hospital admission; the first time, in March of this year, he was treated in a hospital in Chennai.

However, the internet has been abuzz with reports regarding his untimely death. Needless to say, the rumors spread like wildfire on Wednesday, and many people even sent their condolence messages for him.

Among those duped by the hoax was actor Kamal Haasan. He sent his condolences through an online message but afterward deleted it. Due to this, Sarath Babu has immediately become a trending topic of discussion.


However, his family soon clarified that these were just rumors and that the reality was different.

Sarath Babu’s sister revealed that he is recovering slowly

In Hyderabad’s AIG Hospitals, veteran actor Sarath Babu is currently receiving treatment for health issues. However, the fans were startled when some unfounded rumors concerning Sarath Babu’s health surfaced yesterday.

However, Sarath Babu’s sister denied these claims and made it clear that her brother was recovering gradually. Speaking to the media, she said,

All the news about Sarath Babu on social media is wrong. He has recovered a bit and the room has been shifted. I hope that Sarath Babu will recover completely soon and talk to the media. I urge everyone to not spread or believe the ongoing rumors on social media.

According to a health bulletin recently provided by AIG Hospitals, his vital signs are stable, but his clinical status is still severe. They also asked everyone to refrain from spreading any sort of rumors.


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