Hana Financial Group Net Worth, Owner, Shareholders, Investors, Annual Report And Chelsea Bid News

Hana Financial Group Net Worth, Owner, Shareholders, Investors, Annual Report And Chelsea Bid News

In a partnership led by UK property mogul Nick Candy, South Korea’s Hana Financial Group has launched a $2.6 billion proposal to buy Premier Football Club Chelsea, know its net worth and shareholders

According to local media on Saturday, the “Blue Football Consortium” comprising Candy, Hana Financial Group, and C&P Sports, nicknamed “The Blue Football Consortium,” has become one of many bidders interested in purchasing Chelsea from current Russian owner Roman Abramovich before the March 18 deadline (GMT). Candy confirmed the sum of the proposal in a recent announcement.

Hana Financial Group Net Worth, Owner, Shareholders, Investors, Annual Report, Chelsea Bid News

On Saturday, Hana revealed to local media that it had submitted a letter of intent to join Candy’s partnership.

The Bigger Picture

Chelsea is in a financial predicament as a result of the Russia-Ukraine issue. The US and its allies, including the British government, have slapped economic penalties on Moscow, affecting its Russian oligarch owner Abramovich. Abramovich placed Chelsea up for sale earlier this month after the British government froze his assets. Under a special permission, the British government now virtually controls the European champions.

Despite the fact that the formal bidding deadline was Friday, some last offers are likely to be filed over the weekend. According to witnesses, there are more than 20 interested parties, although the final number of bids is expected to be around 10 to 15.


According to reports, Abramovich purchased Chelsea for $184 million in 2003 and now wants at least $3.9 billion for the club.

Hana Financial Group’s Revenue

Hana Financial Group’s current revenue (TTM) is $8.69 billion, according to the company’s most recent financial filings. The company’s revenue in 2020 was $8.14 billion dollars, up from $7.33 billion dollars in 2019. The full list of the shareholders, investors and annual report can be found here.

Hana Financial Group ; Revenue. $12.6 B · $28.3 B ; Assets. $423.7 B · $364.5 B ; Profits. $2.2 B · $2.1 B.
Shareholder Common shares Percentage
National Pension Service 29,838,211 9.94%
BlackRock Fund Advisors 1) 14,731,818 4.91%
Franklin Resources 2) 13,257,916 4.42%
Capital Group3) 13,248,641 4.41%
The Government of Singapore 5,796,499 1.93%
Kolon Industries 4,239,000 1.41%
Peoples Bank of China 4,155,648 1.38%
Vanguard Total International Stock Index Fund 3,573,596 1.19%
Fidelity Investment Trust 3,564,279 1.19%
Bernstein Fund,Inc 3,317,770 1.11%
Robeco Capital Growth Funds 3,212,966 1.07%
HFG Employee Stock Ownership Association 2,989,427 1.00%

Hana Might Be The First Company From South-Korea  In European Football

If Candy’s group is successful in purchasing Chelsea, Hana will become the first South Korean company to own a professional European soccer team. The K League and the Korean national football team are presently sponsored by Hana. It also owns the Daejeon Hana Citizen of the K League 2.


C&P Sports, the consortium’s second Korean enterprise, is based in London and assists European football teams in connecting with Korean corporations and players. It was essential in Kumho Tire’s famed connection with Tottenham Hotspur.

Nick Candy, the consortium’s CEO, is a lifetime Chelsea supporter with a fortune of $2 billion. Along with his brother Christian Candy, he made his money as co-owners of the property development and design firm Candy & Candy. The brothers are notable for creating One Hyde Park, a luxury apartment complex in London, which is one of the most expensive residential real estate developments in the world. After Nick became the sole owner of the company in 2018, it was renamed Candy Properties.


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