GTA 6 trailer “Love is a Long Road” song lyrics, singer name and sountrack meaning

GTA 6 trailer “Love is a Long Road” song lyrics, singer name and sountrack meaning

Here is all you need to know about the GTA 6 Soundtrack, including the trailer song name, meaning and more about “Love is a long road” lyrics

After some manoeuvring, the first Grand Theft Auto 6 video has finally been released, and fans have been immersed in ideas about how the game’s soundtrack foreshadows future developments for just a few hours.

GTA 6 trailer “Love is a Long Road” song lyrics, singer name and sountrack meaning explained

The opening few notes of the GTA 6 unveiling trailer were telling because Rockstar always selects its music carefully. The series is known for its penchant for needle drops, and even though there aren’t many bars to go by for speculation, those blazing twangs might be crucial.

They belong to Tom Petty and his 1989 album Full Moon Fever’s lead track, Love Is a Long Road. However, what do they reveal about GTA 6 and the narrative of its protagonists, Jason and Lucia.

Who wrote the song?

The song “Love is a long Road” is written by Thomas Earl Petty and Michael W. Campbell.

Love is a Long Road was really Tom Petty’s 1989 debut solo album Full Moon Fever’s B-side to one of his biggest songs, “Free Fallin.”

Who sang the song?

The music for the GTA 6 video features American singer-guitarist Tom Petty, who performed with groups including Mudcrutch, the Travelling Wilburys, and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Petty died in 2016.


What is it all about?

There certainly seem to be some common themes and moods between the song and the GTA 6 teaser when you compare the lyrics. With GTA 6 seemingly including the first female, who’s name is Lucy, protagonist in the series, the opening line “There was a girl I knew” is a wonderful fit. Here is what suggests:

Lucia and her accomplice embrace a life of crime in the teaser, possibly in an attempt to change their circumstances and address injustices in the world. “She tried to make my world, the way she thought it should be.”


“Yeah, we were desperate then”

Once more, this brings to mind the kind of story that would centre around Lucia and her lover. “Love is a long, long road.” Lucia and her lover discuss trust in bed at one point in the novel, suggesting that romantic love is a major theme.

“I would wake up at noon […] I would wait for the moon.” Although this is a stretch, we are now curious as to whether the game will feature a complete day-and-night cycle with distinct events occurring at different times of the day.


“Yeah, it was hard to give up, Some things are hard to let go, Some things are never enough.” A common subject in gangster films is greed. This passage may allude to the sense of escalation that occurs when one crime leads to another, and our heroes may even experience it firsthand.

“I guess I only can hope, For maybe one more chance, To try and save my soul.” This poignant passage towards the song’s conclusion truly drives home the point. The protagonist of the tale is Lucia, whose life of crime may have served some kind of noble purpose.