Gta 6 map leak video footage goes viral on Reddit in 2023

Gta 6 map leak video footage goes viral on Reddit in 2023

Grand Theft Auto 6 fans now have access to some fascinating details according to a fresh leak, check out the possible release date, map details and game size as the GTA leaks video goes viral on Reddit in 2023

Of course, it’s no secret that GTA VI is going to be a huge game. The real scope of the project’s open world has been shown via previous gameplay leaks, and it sounds like there will be a tonne of stuff to see and do there. But the vastness and ambition of the game are best understood by this leaked map.

Gta 6 Map Leak Reddit, release date, game size and map details comparision vs GTA 5

The leaked map was first posted on Reddit and appears to have been taken from gameplay leaks from the previous year. The fact that Reddit’s legal department has now deleted the initial post suggests that it was legitimate.

The gta 6 2018 leaked map vs September leaks
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Reddit users claimed that the map appears to depict a sort of area modelled after the Sebring Raceway complete with industry, homes, roads, and the countryside. So, if this was only a “tiny portion,” the entire thing must be a beast.

The thrill that fans felt upon seeing this particular area of the map has persisted even though it appears to have been cleaned up for the internet. According to the most recent information, GTA VI is scheduled to debut no later than March 2025, so perhaps additional information will be released shortly.


The game’s storage space was recently revealed to be 750GB on PC and consoles, according to a GTA 6 News account that leaked the information on X. Despite being unlikely to be true, the promise that the game would offer 400 hours of gameplay nonetheless gives players a sense of its immense scope.

Since the major GTA leak in February of last year, there have been several rumours regarding the game, including one that the game’s suspected setting is in Nith. Rockstar is anticipated to return Vice City, their imagined version of Miami, as the game’s setting. According to a Bloomberg story, the project’s name, “Project Americas,” refers to the cities in North and South America that it is expected to include.

A portion of GTA 6’s open-world area was just revealed in another leak that surfaced on Reddit.
A character standing in a factory setting with homes, highways, and the countryside in the background was visible in a post that has subsequently been removed by Reddit’s legal operations team.


Users noticed the enormous magnitude of the map in the draw distance as well. According to rumours, the map of GTA 6 was only partially visible in the stolen image, indicating that the game’s entire world may be very large.

When will it release?

Recently, an video clip of Strauss Zelnick, CEO of Take-Two Interactive, appeared on X (previously Twitter), and it suggested that GTA 6 would be released on October 24, 2024.