“Give him every f*cking call,” Austin Rivers accuses NBA referees of favoring Steph Curry

“Give him every f*cking call,” Austin Rivers accuses NBA referees of favoring Steph Curry

NBA fans are deeply divided over Austin Rivers remarks on Steph Curry

The Timberwolves star is referred to as a “jealous crying baby” by the fans.

Austin Rivers takes a jab at Steph Curry.

Stephen Curry of the Golden State Warriors is unquestionably one of the greatest players in NBA history. He succeeded Ray Allen as the league leader in three-pointers made in 2021, and now he has the title. Curry receives a lot of criticism for his performance, but it appears that other NBA players feel the same way about him.

Austin Rivers accuses NBA referees of favoring Steph Curry

Austin Rivers, a player for the Minnesota Timberwolves, just made a big jab at the four-time NBA champion. On The Ringer, he remarked, “Steph… Not even close… You are not allowed to touch him, and throughout the entire game, illegal screens have been placed for him. They choose not to call because they want to see him shoot.” He praised Steph by claiming that he was the hardest player in the NBA to guard, but he did so while pointing out that Steph was given preferential treatment by the officials.


Do NBA officials prefer Stephen Curry? Fans express themselves

Austin Rivers’s debatable remarks directed against Steph triggered a heated discussion among NBA fans. Many criticised Rivers, particularly for his alleged attempt to undermine Steph’s extraordinary talents. “Nobody gets manhandled more than Steph Curry, according to a Twitter user, than any other NBA star in the league’s history. He receives far fewer calls than any other star in league history. Austin Rivers is a wailing baby full of jealousy.”

For those who don’t know, Rivers and Steph are linked. His brother Seth Curry is married to Callie Rivers, Rivers’ sister.

Like many other stars in the NBA, Steph doesn’t receive many calls in his favour, as suggested by the fans. This claim can be backed by the fact that Steph makes one of the fewest free throw attempts per game—4.3—in the NBA. Fans believe that he would be given more opportunities to attempt free throws in a game if the officials did in fact favour him.



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