FYP, POV, PFP And All TikTok Slang Words 2022 List Meaning Explained, What Do They Imply

FYP, POV, PFP And All TikTok Slang Words 2022 List Meaning Explained, What Do They Imply

TikTok features a plethora of slang terminology and acronyms that are used throughout the app, from POV to FYP and PFP — thus here are the definitions for the most often used TikTok slang words 2022 and their meaning

While TikTok has been available since 2016, the past year has unquestionably been the greatest yet for the video-based social media app, with internet users coming to the platform to share humorous videos, tips, and tricks, and to participate in the newest trends.

However, if you’ve spent any time scrolling through TikTok, you’ve probably come across a few phrases or acronyms that you’re unfamiliar with. Some of these are exclusive to TikTok, while others are regularly used words on the internet in general.

FYP, POV, PFP And All TikTok Slang Words 2022 List Meaning Explained

Here are a few examples:

What does TikTok’s POV stand for?

POV stands for ‘Point Of View,’ and it refers to a video trend in which the film presents the viewer’s perspective on a certain subject. People utilise the TikTok format to create hilarious and relatable material. While this trend frequently draws inspiration from everyday life, some prefer to make their version weirdly particular or nonsensical. 

What does FYP on TikTok stand for?

FYP stands for ‘For You Page,’ and it refers to the first tab you see when you activate the app. As the name implies, your FYP is personalised to you, and the app’s sophisticated algorithm detects your interests and uses that knowledge to propose additional relevant material.

If you submit a video to TikTok and then someone comments ‘FYP,’ it signifies you made it to their feed, and it’s a typical technique to let people know their video is being viewed by others.

What does PFP stand for?

This one is popular not only on TikTok but also on other social media sites such as Twitter. It stands for ‘Profile Picture,’ and many people will use it to refer to whatever someone has chosen as their app icon.

PFPs were used by trends such as the Lana Cult and the Hamster Cult to promote the trend across the app and connect members. 

What exactly does CEO mean?

CEO is a pre-TikTok phrase that means Chief Executive Officer, but because of social networking, the title has taken on a new meaning. To be the CEO of anything suggests that you are the greatest at it, and it is usually offered as a compliment. It can, however, be used sarcastically.

What does TikTok accountant mean?

The term “accountant” became popular when user Rocky Paterra posted a video in which he described why he prefers to tell people he’s an accountant rather than a “struggling actor” using a catchy tune.

This sound was then utilised by persons with a variety of different difficult-to-explain vocations, including developers of explicit content.

What does the term ion mean?


‘Ion’ is frequently used as a diminutive for ‘I don’t,’ but when used as an abbreviation, it may also signify ‘In Other News.’ However, the old interpretation is more prevalent on social media sites such as Twitter and TikTok.

What does the term “mid” mean?

On TikTok, the term ‘Mid’ refers to something unattractive, average, or of bad quality. The word became popular on the app when a video of pro wrestler Maxwell Jacob Friedman went viral, in which he said, “It’s called the Midwest because everything in it is mid.”

What exactly does Pushin P mean?

Pushin P is a common word in the Bay Area and Texas, popularised lately by Atlanta rapper Gunna.

Gunna clarified that the ‘P’ stands for ‘player,’ although it might also mean ‘paper.’ The phrase simply means “keep it authentic.”

“Risking your life to feed your family is P,” he said in a series of Tweets. “Placement of your people is P. Jumping into someone else’s feud or problem when you have no idea what’s going on? “No, not P.”

What does AS stand for?

AS on TikTok might relate to the TV programming block Adult Swim, which was a significant fad in 2021. Users went viral by creating their trailers or ‘bumps’ inspired by the network, with the [as] logo appearing in a discreet way somewhere in the frame.

What does SA on TikTok stand for?

SA on TikTok frequently alludes to sexual assault,’ and the abbreviation is used to avoid content being detected, and occasionally to stay sensitive about tough themes.

What does TikTok’s NP stand for?

The most prevalent meaning of NP is ‘no problem,’ and it is a word used not only on TikTok but also on other platforms, generally in chats with people. This may appear regularly in comment threads and answers.

What does RMP on TikTok stand for?

While RMP can refer to a variety of things, it is most commonly used to refer to the website ‘Rate My Professor,’ which, as the name implies, enables students to rate their lecturers online.

RMP can also mean ‘remind me please’ or ‘read my profile,’ but the context will determine which meaning it is.

What does the TikTok chair emoji mean?


In 2021, TikTok user Anthony Mai decided to make a TikTok-wide inside joke by asking others to use the chair emoji instead of the laughing emoji. As individuals began to utilise the chair emoji in comment areas across the whole app, the fad became a major craze that successfully confounded countless.

What do TikTok’s moots mean?

‘Moots’ is an acronym for the word ‘mutuals,’ and it refers to someone you follow who also follows you. This term is incredibly popular on TikTok, but it is not limited to the site; the term is also quite common on Twitter.

What does the letter ‘W’ imply on TikTok?

When used alone, the letter ‘W’ frequently represents the word ‘win’ or ‘winner.’ It is often used to commend something or someone, and it may also be used to congratulate someone on their ‘wins’ in life.

What does the letter ‘L’ imply on TikTok?

When used alone, the opposite of ‘W,’ L generally stands for ‘loss’ or ‘loser.’ People frequently use it to remark on other people’s failures, and it can be seen in comment sections on sites like TikTok, YouTube, and Twitter.

What does TikTok’s /srs mean?

The phrase ‘/srs’ means serious when used after a forward slash and is one of the numerous tone indicators extensively used on the internet. Tone indicators are often used after a message or comment to explain the statement’s meaning or intent.

Other tone indications are as follows:

/s — sarcasm

/s — sarcasm 

/pos — positivity

/neg — negativity 

/g — authenticity

/j — joke 


/lh — lighthearted

/nm — not mad

So there you have it — an explanation of all TikTok terminology, from mid to POV and FYP.

TikTok culture is always evolving and changing, and new lingo and terminology will emerge as more people use the popular app.

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