From Struggle to Triumph: Mike Mathetha Inspiring Journey

From Struggle to Triumph: Mike Mathetha Inspiring Journey

Mike Mathetha is a New Zealand MMA artist and a kickboxer. He has won more than 100 kickboxing matches

He has also won the King of the Ring Kickboxing match. Today, many consider Mathetha to be a winner in this sport. This is because he has lost none of the three MMA UFC fights in which he appeared. But his journey has not been easy.

He was raised in extreme conditions in Zimbabwe, and due to this, he moved to New Zealand. Later on, his life became one of constant movement as he lived in various countries. This article will dive deep into the inspiring journey of this athlete.

Mike’s Mathetha’s Early Years

Mike spent the first 12 years of his life in Zimbabwe. But because of the huge bloodshed in this place, he shifted to New Zealand. Mike saw many riots in Zimbabwe while growing up. This affected the quality of his family’s life. So, his father moved them all to New Zealand.

Afterward, he spent some part of his life in Blenheim and Germany. But he did not have a good time at the schools that he went to. During his time in Auckland, he was bullied by many children. This was a turning point, as Mike had had enough. He decided to learn kickboxing.

Soon, he went under the supervision of coach Eugene Bareman at the City Kickboxing Gym. This was the time when he started his journey to become an invincible fighter.


Mathetha’s Rise to the Top

Mathetha broke into the field of kickboxing through regular and national-level fights. He also met his partner, Israel Adesanya, at this time. He met him at the Eden Terrace Gym. However, Mike soon found that he wasn’t able to get as many opportunities to engage in local fights. This was when he started looking into mixed martial arts. From this point on, he trained to participate in MMA fights.

Soon, he experienced his first few wins. In 2017, he won against Jo Vain Duin. A year later, he landed a victory against Hyun Min Hwang. In 2020, he defeated Dimps Tahau Tiopira Gillies. This fight was held at the Eternal Mixed Martial Arts 50. People have fondly called Mike ‘Blood Diamond.’ In fact, Mike admits that even his coach did not know his real name and called him Blood Diamond.

It is noteworthy to mention here that Mike has participated in over 100 Kings. To date, he has lost only one fight. Although Mike is fairly new in the MMA field, he is showing promising results.


Mike’s Most Recent Fight

Mike’s most recent fight was against Jeremiah Wells. This was Wells’s second fight in the UFC. Unfortunately, Mike lost to Wells by submission at 4:38 in round 1. Wells won the fight through technical submission. Currently, he is not booked for any other fights.

Mike’s hard work is finally paying off. The blood diamond is earning very well from his fights. Every fight gives him $500,000 money as a prize. He has achieved victory in three fights and has raised a combined sum of $150,000. This is commendable, especially considering the fact that he has just emerged into the UFC field.


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Summing up

Hopefully, the career highlights of Mike Mathetha till now must have inspired you. The mixed martial artist is doing all that he can to make his mark in the MMA domain. His dedication to the sport can be seen in his three consecutive victories. We can only expect him to amass more victories, propelling his career toward growth.