FIH Rankings List Of The Top 20 Men’s Hockey Teams In The World 2021, Points And Ranking Calculation System

FIH Rankings List Of The Top 20 Men’s Hockey Teams In The World 2021, Points And Ranking Calculation System

Hockey has been a part of the Olympics since 1908 and is one of the most popular sports worldwide. Here are the top 20 men’s hockey teams rankings for 2021

Men’s hockey has seen periods of their own. India had ruled the world of hockey at one point it time, and though India saw its downfall, it has still managed to maintain a high position in the world. Here are the top 20 men’s hockey teams for 2021, who have proven their potential on the field this year.

What Is The FIH Men’s World Hockey Ranking System?

The FIH Men’s World Rating is a field hockey ranking system for men’s national teams. The International Hockey Federation (FIH), field hockey’s world governing organisation, ranks the teams of its member nations based on their game results. In October of 2003, the rankings were introduced.

Current List Of Top 20 Men’s Hockey Teams Rankings 2021 In the World

Rank Change Team Points
1 Belgium 2750.65
2 Australia 2642.26
3 India 2362.04
4 Netherlands 2115.81
5 Germany 2038.71
6 England 1990.63
7 Argentina 1826.11
8 New Zealand 1598.25
9 Spain 1532.34
10 ^ 1 Malaysia 1427.18
11 V 1 Canada 1422.12
12 South Africa 1413.22
13 France 1330.66
14 Ireland 1229.49
15 ^ 2 Wales 1165.05
16 V 1 South Korea 1065
17 V 1 Japan 1025.44
18 Pakistan 1010
19 Austria 995.96
20 Scotland 995.04

Why Is The FIH Hockey Ranking System Important 

The rankings were created in response to accusations that the pools for each tournament were fixed. It also establishes quotas for major sporting events such as the Olympics and the World Cup.

The ranking points are calculated using all FIH-recognized matches, including qualifying and continental matches, played in the previous four years. However, as stated in the table below, previous results will be reduced by the percentage established by the FIH:

Year Points percentage included
Year 4 100%
Year 3 75%
Year 2 50%
Year 1 25%
Total points

Continental championships method

For all continental competitions, the FIH had assigned ranking points. However, the fact that each continent received a varied percentage of points raised concerns about the method. Only Europe had a full 100 percent point allocation for all classifications, while the others only had a few finishers with full points allocation. Africa was the only continent where no complete points were awarded in either men’s or women’s competitions, regardless of classification.

New calculation method for hockey rankings explained

The FIH introduced a new match-based world rankings system in 2020, similar to those used in rugby union and association football.

Know More About The Top Ranked Hockey Teams In The World

Belgium Hockey Team 

In 1902, hockey was introduced to Belgium. In 1904, the country’s first club was established. The Belgian Hockey Association was founded in 1907 by a group of clubs. Belgium was one of the founding members of the International Hockey Federation and played its first international match against Germany (FIH).


Belgium competed in two of the first three World Cups and eleven of the thirteen Summer Olympics between 1920 and 1978. After a successful early period (before the 1950s) in which Belgium was three times among the top five at the Summer Olympics, it would take six decades for Belgium to return to the top of international field hockey from the 1990s onwards.

Over the years, they have won many medals, including a gold medal at the 2020 Summer Olympics, and European Championship in 2018. 

Australian Hockey Team

One of Australia’s most successful top-level sporting teams is the men’s national field hockey team (nicknamed the Kookaburras). They are the only Australian team to win medals in six consecutive Summer Olympic Games (1992–2012). Between 1980 and 2012, the Kookaburras finished in the top four at every Olympics; in 2016, they finished sixth. In 1986, 2010, and 2014, they also won the Hockey World Cup.

Despite their constant competition, the Kookaburras had never won an Olympic gold medal, prompting many in the Australian hockey community to refer to a “curse” affecting the team, which was ultimately broken in 2004 with the triumph in Athens. However, they were unable to win gold in consecutive Olympics, including a loss against Belgium in the Gold Medal Match of the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, where the Kookaburras were awarded the silver medal.


The team was able to get a Gold at Athens, and nothing after that. 

Indian Hockey Team 

Hockey India governs the Indian men’s national field hockey squad, which competes in international field hockey tournaments. Previously, the Indian Hockey Federation was in charge of the team.

The International Hockey Federation accepted India as the first non-European team. The Indian men’s team won their first Olympic gold medal in 1928, and they stayed unbeaten in the Olympics until 1960, earning six gold medals in a row. From their first game until losing in the 1960 gold medal final, the squad maintained a 30–0 winning streak.


In 1975, India also won the World Cup. India’s hockey team has won eight gold medals at the Olympics, including gold in 1928, 1932, 1936, 1948, 1952, 1956, 1964, and 1980. With 83 victories out of 134 matches, India has the highest overall performance in Olympic history.

They’ve also scored more goals than any other team in the Olympics. They are also the only team to win the Olympics twice, in 1928 and 1956, without allowing a single goal.

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