Fight Club Tamil movie 2023 release date, cast, hero, heroine, director, plot story, time duration

Fight Club Tamil movie 2023 release date, cast, hero, heroine, director, plot story, time duration

Directed by Abbas A Rahmath, the eagerly awaited Tamil action thriller “Fight Club” is scheduled to hit theaters soon with the release date of the movie out

Here in this article we will delve into every little detail related to the forthcoming movie. Produced by Aditya Narayanan, the film boasts a skilled crew, including cinematographer Leon Britto and editor Kripakaran Purushothaman.

Fight Club Tamil movie 2023 release date, cast, hero, heroine, director, plot story and time duration

Starring Vijay Kumar in the lead role as Selva, a determined college student with aspirations of becoming a footballer, the film takes audiences on a journey through the challenges of youth, shedding light on exploitation and the lasting consequences of early mistakes.

Rahmath, accompanied by the musical talent of Govind Vasantha, aims to deliver a gritty and intense cinematic experience, exploring themes of livelihood, rivalry, and friendship.

First Look Poster

The first look poster, featuring Vijay Kumar and his gang on a blood-soaked ground, hints at a narrative that delves into pressing social or political issues, promising a compelling story that resonates with the audience.

As the release date approaches, the Tamil film industry eagerly anticipates the unveiling of “Fight Club,” expecting it to leave a significant mark with its powerful performances and engaging storyline.

In a unique move, director Lokesh Kanagaraj takes on the role of producer for the first time with “Fight Club.” Scheduled for release in just three days, the film, starring Vijay Kumar, promises to captivate audiences with its exploration of a young boy named Selva, whose pursuit of football dreams is marred by setbacks.

Release Date

If you’re eagerly looking for the release of thriller movie titled“Fight Club,” let us make it clear, the Tamil film is set to hit theaters on Friday, December 15, 2023.

Here are the key details about the film:

Title: Fight Club

Language: Tamil


Genre: Action, Thriller

Censor: A

-Runtime: 137.21 minutes (2 hours 17 minutes 21 seconds)

‘Fight Club’ Plot

A young boy named Selva, pursuing his football dreams, faces a significant setback. As he transforms into an angry young man embroiled in conflicts with his family, he must navigate and reform the sinister forces causing his strife.


If you’re unsure about the cast and crew of the movie, here’s the full list:

Vijay Kumar,


Kaarthekeyen Santhanam,

Shankar Thas, among many more.


Writing/Direction: Abbas A Rahmath

Dialogues: Vijay Kumar, Sasi, Abbas A Rahmath

Additional Dialogues: Vishnu Edavan, Nijanthan

Music: Govind Vasantha


Audio Label: Sony Music Entertainment

Cinematography: Leon Britto

Choreography: Sandy

Production: Reel Good Films

Distribution: G Squad Films, Sakthi Film Factory

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