FIFA The Best football awards 2022-2023 power rankings and favorites

FIFA The Best football awards 2022-2023 power rankings and favorites

Here is how FIFA World Cup 2023 in Qatar affected the award hopefuls for the FIFA The Best 2023 awards, know the power rankings and favorites

Award season is in full gear with 2023 just starting. Footballers, coaches, supporters, and goals will all be honoured at the ceremony in February as part of The Best FIFA Football Awards, which will celebrate the best in football. But what has Qatar 2022 added to the picture? Have a look, below:

FIFA The Best football awards 2022-2023 power rankings and favorites players

Although they have made their presence felt at this World Cup, can the players and coaches be able to overthrow those who have been in the spotlight all year? Of course, one can have an assumption.

However, it’s time to analyze how the biggest football tournament might have affected the sport’s most reputable honours.

The Best FIFA Men’s Player

Since the Best FIFA Men’s Player list was first released in January 2017, Lionel Messi has only once failed to place in the top three, taking home the prize in 2019 with 46% of the vote. On the other hand, Kylian Mbappe has not yet appeared in the top three.

But without a question, these two players have improved their reputations the most as a result of the World Cup. Messi and Mbappe competed in the final in addition to Argentina and France, and both players were surpassed in their respective roles. Saying that neither will take home the prize would be a forceful assumption.

But how about 2018’s champion, Luka Modric? In addition to winning his third La Liga title and fifth Champions League title this season, the midfielder also brought home a bronze medal for his efforts on the international stage.


The Best FIFA Men’s Goalkeeper

Will club performances still matter despite Dominik Livakovic and Emiliano Martinez having the tournament of their lives—the latter bringing home the adidas Golden Glove?

It might be too late for their valiant efforts to unseat Thibaut Courtois, the 2018 winner of the UEFA Champions League, Alisson, the 2019 winner of the FA Cup, the 2019 runner-up in the Champions League and Premier League, or the 2020 winner, Bundesliga stalwart Manuel Neuer.

Hugo Lloris finished second in 2018 in significant part because of his World Cup winners’ medal, demonstrating the importance of the World Cup.

The Best FIFA Men’s Coach

The Best FIFA Men’s Coach may be the category where the World Cup has the biggest impact. The newest national treasures and club custodians do not frequently compete against each other at the coaching levels, unlike players who frequently move between the club and international platforms.


Lionel Scaloni and the creation of his World Cup-winning “Scaloneta” has undoubtedly improved the Argentine into contention, however, the main club contender standing in their way is probably Carlo Ancelotti, who just finished an incredible year with Real Madrid.

FIFA Fan Award

This award is special in that it is given to fans and chosen by fans, giving you complete control over who is recognised for a particularly admirable ordinance or occurrence.

In keeping with tradition, Japanese supporters set an example by clearing away their trash after games, while Moroccan supporters were committed to their vibrant, inclusive, and ebullient celebrations.


Could these expressions of affection and rhapsody rank among the most memorable events of 2022?