FIFA 23 Road To The Knockouts (RTTK) Release Date, Cards List, Leaks, Teams, Players, Design Predictions

FIFA 23 Road To The Knockouts (RTTK) Release Date, Cards List, Leaks, Teams, Players, Design Predictions

All the information you need to know about FIFA 23 Road To The Knockout (RTTK), including the release date, leaks, teams, cards, design, predictions, and much more

Prepare for the return of the RTTK promo in FIFA 23. FIFA 22’s RTTK, in which EA gave players fantastic cards like Bernardo Silva, Marco Reus, and Marquinhos, was a resounding success.

FIFA 23 Road To The Knockouts (RTTK) Release Date, Cards List, Leaks, Teams, Players And Design Predictions

This year, users will receive unique cards for international competitions in FIFA 23. We’ll show you when the event in Ultimate Team begins and who the players are. Let’s look at what RTTK FIFA 23 Ultimate Team has in store.

When RTTK FIFA 23 is Releasing?

RTTK FIFA 23 is scheduled to be launched on October 7th, 2022, according to a trustworthy FIFA source.

RTTK FIFA 23 Confirmed cards

Aubameyand- 89 rated

Sule- 87 rated

Lemar- 86 rated


RTTK FIFA 23 Leaked Teams

Messi Team
Valverde Team
Aubameyang Team
Sule Team
Lemar Team
Gerard Moreno
Kulusevski SBC
Foden Team
Hernandez Theo Team
Raphinha Team
Muller Team
Zambo Anguissa

Card Design



RTTK FIFA 23 Predictions

If we consider all the previous FIFA, we should expect a lot to happen with the RTTK promotion. First of all, the participants should be aware that a squad made up of Champions League, Europa League, and Europa Conference League competitors will be revealed. Last year, SBC gave players an incredibly fantastic Bernardo Silva card; this year, players may anticipate the introduction of another high-profile SBC item as well as a player into objectives.


Reliable leaker FutSheriff has revealed some of the cards coming to the RTTK promo. Here they are with their ratings.

 RTTK- Champions League

  • Bremer – 86
  • Anguissa – 84

RTTK- Europa League

  • Wan-Bissaka – 84

RTTK- Europa Conference League

  • Ikone – 83
  • Paqueta – 85
  • Gerard Moreno – 87

RTTK FIFA Explained

Nothing is overlooked by EA, including the Conference League, Europa League, and Champions League. The superstars whose teams are represented in separate competitions get exclusive cards called “Road to the Knockout” cards. They may be upgraded and dynamic. The functionality of the upgrades in FIFA 23 is yet unclear. When teams advance to the knockout stages, there are often “Wins to Watch” (a predetermined amount of victories inside the group stage) and a special upgrade.  We’ll have to wait and see what EA creates for FIFA 23 this year.

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