FIFA 23 Full List Of All The New Player Celebrations Added By EA And Video

FIFA 23 Full List Of All The New Player Celebrations Added By EA And Video

EA sports have added a brand new list of player celebrations in the new FIFA 23 game, check out the entire list of new celebrations

Player celebrations have become an integral part of any FIFA game. For any FIFA player, you either love performing player celebrations when you score, and hate watching them when you concede.

FIFA 23 List Of All The New Player Celebrations Added By EA And Video

Some popular celebrations like the Paul Pogba-inspired dab incite even more rage than conceding a goal ever could.

Watching Goal Celebrations Can Be Dreadful

In the previous edition, EA did try solving the so-called ‘toxicity’ of player celebrations on FIFA 22. They added a new feature, where players can choose to watch their own team’s reaction after a goal, instead of the opponents.

It certainly brought an end to having to watch running celebrations – where opposition players send their goalscorer around the pitch in an endless running motion, that can’t be skipped.


Despite all the hate and toxicity surrounding goal celebrations sometimes, they still remain an important part of playing FIFA. And EA have added in a new list of goal celebrations in FIFA 23. Given below is the full list of player celebrations in featured FIFA 23:

‘The Gamer’ – Diogo Jota

Liverpool forward Diogo Jota’s special signature goal celebration is a new addition coming to FIFA 23.

The Portuguese forward, who has his own esports team, performs a celebration called ‘The Gamer’. It involves him sitting down, legs crossed, while simulating the playing of a game using a controller. Pretty simple, but effective.

‘The Flip’ – Sam Kerr

Chelsea women’s striker Sam Kerr has made history by becoming the first female athlete to feature on the global cover of a FIFA game. EA have also made sure to include her signature goal celebration in FIFA 23.

The Australian forward celebrates her goals by performing a handstand, before transitioning into an inch-perfect backflip. This will definitely be a popular celebration on FIFA 23.


‘The Griddy’ – Christian Pulisic

Another new celebration added on FIFA 23 is ‘The Griddy’ – a viral American dance. Chelsea‘s Christian Pulisic made the dance popular in football after trying the dance following his goal in a Champions League match against Lille last season.

The dance first originated in NFL, and was first used by NFL star Allen Davis.

The celebration involves tapping your heels, before pulling your hands up to your eyes in an ‘OK’ motion. You then swing your arms back and forth.

‘The Eye of the Tiger’ – Christian Pulisic

Another goal celebration made popular by Christian Pulisic is titled ‘Eye of the Tiger’. While it isn’t related to the legendary song or darts player Raymond van Barneveld’s walk-on it is an exciting celebration.


Pulisic simply places his arm over his eyes, and stands menacingly. That’s about all there is to that one.

‘Low Five and Flex’ – Roberto Firmino

Another Liverpool player Roberto Firmino’s ‘low five’ celebration is also included as one of the new celebrations in FIFA 23.

The Brazilian celebrates his goals by completing a set of low fives with a team-mate, using both hands, before finishing off with some flexing.

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