Feathered Indians Meaning Explained After Tyler Childers Song Lyrics Go Viral On Twitter

Feathered Indians Meaning Explained After Tyler Childers Song Lyrics Go Viral On Twitter

A Tyler Childers Song Trended On Twitter And TikTok Explore, The Meaning Of “Feathered Indians”

Unquestionably, the song Feathered Indians by country music singer, songwriter, and guitarist Tyler Childers is the most well-known.

Some fans are still curious to find out more about the song’s background and meaning even though Childers released it in 2017 as a part of his album Purgatory.

Feathered Indians Meaning After Tyler Childers Song Lyrics Go Viral On Twitter

Now that the song has received attention on Twitter, let’s examine the lyrics.

Feathered Indians: Meaning Explored

In Feathered Indians, Tyler and a partner the musician once knew are shown to be engaged in a passionate love affair.

He sings in the track:

                         Well my buckle makes impressions

                          On the inside of her thigh

                          There are little feathered Indians


                          Where we tussled through the night

Sharpens claims that the title of the song references the traces of Tyler’s belt buckle left on his lover’s thighs after a passionate hug. The musician has previously sold Feathered Indian belt buckles as a part of his professional attire and is well recognised for donning a Red Man Chewing Tobacco Belt.

The lyrics of the song also seem to suggest that the woman is religious but doesn’t always agree with Tyler’s lifestyle choices.


The guitar player sang in one of the songs, “If I’d known she was religious, then I wouldn’t have come stoned. I went to the home of such an angel after becoming too f***ed up to return home.

As he and his spiritual companion are “looking over West Virginia, smoking spirits on the roof,” Tyler says, “She asked ain’t somebody warned ya, that these things are dangerous to you.” The third lyric of the song alludes to Tyler and his partner’s broken relationship and eventual split.

Twitter Trend Tracking

Fans of the song Feathered Indians can’t stop thinking about it, as the song has recently become popular on Twitter. Something about Feathered Indians always transports me back to a wonderful place in my life, was one person’s response.

Another person added, One of my current favourite songs is Feathered Indians. When I need to recentre for any reason, it’s my “go-to”.


Track Evolved To Platinum

After being published in August 2017, the song went gold in February 2020 and then platinum in September 2020. Feathered Indians achieved Double Platinum status on May 26, 2022. Lady May, Whitehouse Road, and All Your’n, three further fan favourites by Childers, all achieved Platinum status.

Tyler’s album Purgatory also achieved Gold status, therefore it is just a matter of time before it achieves Platinum status!

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