F1 23 game release date, consoles, gameplay, new tracks, packs, pre-order, price, bonus

F1 23 game release date, consoles, gameplay, new tracks, packs, pre-order, price, bonus

EA Sports are finally set to release their highly-anticipated F1 23 game, check out the release date, new features, gameplay, pre-order details and tracks

F1 23 will feature Fernando Alonso driving his new green Aston Martin at the Albert Park circuit in Australia.

F1 23 game release date, consoles, gameplay, new tracks, packs, pre-order, price, bonus, trailer

Fans can rejoice as EA Sports has announced the release date and all the new features for the upcoming F1 23 game. Find out everything below.

F1 23 release date

EA Sports have confirmed the release date for F1 23 as 16 June 2023. Players who wish to buy the Champions Edition will have three days of early access. F1 23 will feature lots of new features and exciting gameplay, and will certainly be a big improvement.

F1 23 new features

The game will feature an all-new F1 World and bring back the Braking Point story mode. F1 World features a completely revamped online mode with plenty of daily, weekly, and seasonal content. Player can upgrade their F1 World car by completing these challenges.

Meanwhile, the My Team mode will allow players to create the 11th team on the grid. Players can use this team to battle against the other 10 established teams on Formula 1 as a driver. They can also take control of the new team off-track too.

F1 23 available consoles

Much to the delight of fans and players, EA is launching F1 23 across a variety of gaming consoles including PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, Xbox One, and PC via EA App, Steam and Epic Games Store.


F1 23 Braking Point 2

F1 23 is bringing back Braking Point story mode with a list of new main characters like Callie Mayer. The new version called Braking Point 2, will lead players through the 2022 and 2023 seasons, and introduces the Konnersport team to the F1 grid. Other characters include Devon Butler, and Aidan Jackson.

F1 23 gameplay

F1 23 features a greatly improved gameplay as compared to F1 22, with developers using real F1 team feedback to develop the game.

Developers have also improved the car’s underfloor to allow for more realistic experience when driving over kerbs and rumble strips. Along with that, EA Sports have also tweaked the torque curve and added a new Precision Drive Technology.

The new game also features 35% race distances which will give players with more variety when adjusting their race distance. More importantly, the red flags feature, which last featured in F1 2014, is making a return.


Red flags can occur in the game due to various problems like debris, cars stopping on the circuit, extreme wet conditions and more. Players can select new tyres and repair some damage, under a red flag. This new feature will add a new layer of strategy and realism to the game.

F1 23 new tracks

F1 23 will feature two new tracks:

  • Qatar
  • Las Vegas

Besides those, the game will also include three legacy venues at launch:

  • The Shanghai International Circuit in China
  • France’s Paul Ricard
  • The Algarve International Circuit in sunny Portugal

Besides those, EA have also updated all the existing tracks to match the changes in real life.

F1 23 packs and bonuses

EA is set to launch two new versions of F1 23, which will feature different bonuses:


Standard Edition – £69.99

  • A copy of F1 23
  • F1 World Starter Pack
  • 5,000 PitCoins

Champions Edition – £89.99

  • A copy of F1 23
  • 3 days Early Access
  • Max Verstappen designed racing in-game items
  • 4 New My Team Racing Icons
  • 4 Braking Point 2 My Team Icons
  • Braking Point 2 Customisation items – Casual and race wear in-game items
  • F1® World Bumper Pack
  • 18,000 PitCoin virtual currency to spend in-game

How and where to pre-order F1 23

Fans can pre-order F1 23 from any of the following retailers:

  • EA
  • GAME
  • Xbox
  • Steam
  • PlayStation
  • Epic Games
  • Smyths Toys

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