Explained why was the String YouTube channel deleted and what is the name of the owner

Explained why was the String YouTube channel deleted and what is the name of the owner

YouTube has once again taken action against the String channel, this time by completely removing the channel from its platform, know why was it deleted

What’s particularly surprising in this case is that String, via their X handle, indicated that YouTube removed their channel without any prior warnings, “strikes,” or notification of policy violations.

Why was the String YouTube channel deleted and what is the name of the owner

Instead of following the usual procedure of issuing strikes for policy violations, YouTube appears to have directly deleted the channel. According to the String team, YouTube’s explanation for this action is that they identified severe or repeated violations of their Community Guidelines, which ultimately led to the removal of the channel from the platform.

In a screenshot of the email shared by String, it is stated that if YouTube believes a channel has severely violated its policies, they take such actions to “safeguard other users” on the platform. The channel is owned by Vinodh Kumar.

The policy states that “Channels that violate our Community Guidelines or Terms of Service may receive a strike or be terminated. Your existing YouTube channels, new channels you create or acquire, and channels in which you repeatedly or prominently feature will be terminated if you circumvent a strike restriction or previous termination.”


While responding to String’s post on X, formerly known as Twitter, YouTube replied by saying, “we’re going to pass this along for a closer look”.

On September 19, 2023, String made an announcement regarding its upcoming podcast featuring Vivek Agnihotri, the director of the film “The Vaccine War,” set to release on September 28, 2023.

Subsequently, news emerged that the channel was being removed from the platform. Vivek Agnihotri took to Twitter and stated, “MAJOR UPDATE: Yesterday, @StringReveals unveiled our podcast about the ‘Toolkit Gang,’ which was allegedly used by adversaries of India to undermine the Indian Vaccine Project.


“In anticipation of the exposé, the Toolkit Gang reportedly orchestrated a mass reporting campaign to @YouTube, resulting in the abrupt removal of the channel without prior warning. Advocates for free speech may aim to stifle #TheVaccineWar, but they will never silence our voice. Just stay tuned.”

Agnihotri also shared a message that read, “Initially, the ‘TOOLKIT GANG’ targeted India’s own vaccine, and a few days ago, they directed their attention towards the scientists responsible for creating it. Now, they seek to silence a podcast featuring @StringReveals that delves into our scientists’ battle against the ‘Toolkit Gang.’ You can decide who will prevail in this conflict.”

He posted this statement following criticism from several journalists and left-leaning accounts who disparaged the film’s trailer, labeling it as propaganda. Agnihotri accused these journalists of undermining India-made Covaxin, defaming the vaccine during a critical phase of the pandemic, and noted that a legal case had forced the removal of 14 false and defamatory articles.


String, led by Vinodh Kumar, focuses on producing videos addressing significant national and international issues while providing in-depth exposés targeting leftist ideologies.

This isn’t the first time YouTube has taken action against String for its content. In 2021, YouTube removed a video exposing the contents of the Greta Thunberg Toolkit, which included the names of various media outlets, journalists, and activists. The reason cited for this removal by the video-sharing platform was “harassment and bullying.”

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