Explained why Arsenal Football Club is called The Gunners and fans The Gooners meaning explained

Explained why Arsenal Football Club is called The Gunners and fans The Gooners meaning explained

Here is why Premier League club Arsenal is nicknamed The Gunners and the meaning of the Gooners

Have you ever questioned the meaning of the name North London Giants or why their logo features a cannon?

Explained why Arsenal Football Club is called The Gunners and The Gooners meaning explained

Football fans have used club nicknames for a very long time, and each team has its own unique affectionate abbreviation.

Arsenal is referred to as “The Gunners,” and the club’s identity, particularly its logo, is strongly influenced by the meaning behind its name.


The nickname “The Gunners” for Arsenal is a citation to the club’s founding members, who were employees of the Royal Arsenal armaments factory in Woolwich. The Royal Arsenal elicited munitions, weapons (such as artillery and small arms) and explosives.

The nickname matches the club badge, which famously features a cannon. The term “The Gunners” appeared on early club badges as well. The Arsenal crest has featured cannons prominently since 1888, and the initial design was based on the Woolwich borough coat of arms. Although Arsenal moved from Woolwich to Highbury in 1913, they kept their name and logo, albeit the club symbol has occasionally changed.

Arsenal are also called “The Gooners”. Although it is generally accepted that “The Gooners” is only a simple variant of “The Gunners,” it has been hypothesised that the alternate moniker includes hooliganism in its origins.

Arsenal Cannon

The Arsenal club crest includes a cannon as a graphic symbol that honours the organization’s early years in north London. The club was founded by workers from the Woolwich Royal Arsenal armament industry in the late 19th century, and its name and emblem reflect this history.


A solitary golden cannon pointed eastward can be seen on the current badge. The subject has, however, undergone some changes over time. Initially, the club drew inspiration from the Metropolitan Borough of Woolwich’s coat of arms, which featured three vertical cannons with lions’ heads at the bottom. A newly created club badge started to show up on official communications after the team relocated to Highbury.

A cannon pointed horizontally westward was frequently employed in the early 1920s. It is claimed that the crest of the Royal Arsenal Gatehouse served as inspiration for the cannon style employed in the new design. The eastward-facing cannon on the new club badge, which was unveiled in 2002, replaced the westward-facing cannon that had been used in a variety of ways before to then.