Explained what is the ‘You Are My Sunshine’ LeBron James glazing meme meaning

Explained what is the ‘You Are My Sunshine’ LeBron James glazing meme meaning

Have a look at what is the ‘You Are My Sunshine’ LeBron James meme going viral on TikTok and its meaning

LeBron James, also known as “King James,” is an NBA legend who has had a lasting impact on basketball no doubt, but also on meme culture. LeBron’s reputation as a meme ensures that his influence will last for years in the digital sphere even as he continues to dominate the game.

Explained what is the ‘You Are My Sunshine’ LeBron James glazing meme meaning as it goes viral on Twitter/X

Who put LeBron James video with “You Are My Sunshine” first is a mystery. But January 2024 saw the trend become more widely recognised. With the caption “I love you bron bron,” TikToker @lebrigga shared a video edit on January 20, 2024, that attracted over 794,000 views in just two months. The video cut features Christina Perri’s song “You Are My Sunshine” over a montage of LeBron James basketball footage. Of the “LeBron sunshine” memes, this is one of the most popular.

It’s uncertain if this is the earliest example of a slideshow, but on December 30, 2023, TikToker @lukesher17 posted one that attracted over 300,000 views in just three months.

A copypasta has been inspired by the video’s most popular comment, which was posted on January 26th and received over 10,000 likes in the same period of time. It was left by TikToker @Bakedpotato345. It read:


Boy oh boy lebron, where do I even start, ever since you joined the league I knew you were something special, something amazing. I knew you would inspire so many people to be great. I knew you would.”

A look at “You Are My Sunshine” LeBron James meme

Simple LeBron “Sunshine” memes are common. While the song “You Are My Sunshine” plays, they frequently display videos of LeBron playing hoops or other memes of him, frequently with a message that ironically hypes up the player. A modified headshot of LeBron that was altered to appear to be glowing; sort of like the sun; became the focal point of the memes as they developed, frequently fading in or shifting as the music played.


Along with the song “You Are My Sunshine,” his memes became popular on TikTok. A severely altered image of LeBron James’ visage may be seen in the meme. The memes are a continuation of the well-known LeBron glazing meme, which served as the model for LeEvil James, another spinoff craze.

“LeBron glazing” is a humorous meme craze that TikTokers started back in January 2023. It makes fun of ardent supporters and commentators of NBA great LeBron James for their apparent incapacity to criticise LeBron. The meme sometimes involves users captioning photos or videos of LeBron with excessively positive remarks, referring to him by nicknames like “my glorious king LeBron.”


The meme persisted throughout 2023, and in December of that year, TikTokers started tagging LeBron in memes and videos with Christina Perri’s song “You Are My Sunshine,” perhaps honouring the NBA star and calling him “their sunshine.” The gushing ironic copypasta that starts, “Boy oh boy LeBron, where do I even start,” and the memes took off in the first quarter of 2024.


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