Explained What Is The Lawn Bowls Game At Commonwealth (CWG) Games 2022, Meaning, Rules

Explained What Is The Lawn Bowls Game At Commonwealth (CWG) Games 2022, Meaning, Rules

India is scheduled to begin its campaign at the Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 in Lawn Bowls, know about the game, its rules and meaning

Nevertheless, what even is Lawn Bowls? You may ask. Well, simply put, it is a sport where players roll a bowl to a designated point. It has been a staple sport at the Commonwealth Games since the start.

Despite this, many are still unfamiliar with the sport. England leads in this sport with the highest number of medals (51) at the CWG. In the current Birmingham edition, the Indian Bowls team features a strong 10-member team who will be looking to clinch the country’s first medal in the discipline. India started participating in the game only in 2010, and has come close to winning a medal on several occasions.

What Is The Lawn Bowls Game At Commonwealth (CWG) Games 2022, Meaning, Rules

As the Indian Lawn Bowls team prepares to clinch their first medal, let us look at some of the details regarding the sport.

Indian Team Lawn Bowls:

The men’s team: 1. Sunil Bahadur (Singles, Pairs) 2. Mridul Borgohain (Pairs, Fours) 3. Dinesh Kumar (Triples, Fours) 4. Navneet Singh (Triples, Fours) 5. Chandan Kumar Singh (Triples, Fours).

The women’s team: 1. Nayanmoni Saikia (Singles, Pairs) 2. Lovely Choubey (Pairs, Fours) 3.  Tania Choudhury (Triples, Fours) 4. Rupa Rani Tirkey (Triples, Fours) 5. Pinki (Triples, Fours).

The Rules for Lawn Bowls

Lawn Bowls is a sport where players roll a bowl down a long green pathway (stretch). The main objective of the game is to get it as close as possible to the target (the jack). The player/team who gets the bowl closest to the jack wins the match.


Lawn Bowls is basically played out in four formats: Singles, Pairs, Triples, Fours. All four formats have designated names according to the number of people in each team. In Singles, a player wins the match by reaching 21 points before the other competitors. In the other formats, players roll the bowl from 18 different ends, getting a turn at each. After every team has played their turn, the team with the most points wins.

Format of Lawn Bowls in Commonwealth Games 2022

The Birmingham Commonwealth Games 2022 will follow a straightforward format of Lawn Bowls game. The Singles players and teams will be divided into four sections where they will play each other in a single match. The best two teams or players from each section will move further on into the quarter-finals.


India’s Lawn Bowls Schedule (29th July, Day 1)

Tania (Women’s Singles) (1 pm IST and 4 pm IST)

Men’s Triples (1 pm IST and 4 pm IST)

Men’s Pairs (7:30 pm IST and 10:30 pm IST)


Women’s Fours (7:30 pm IST)

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